Gorgoroth - A Sorcery Written In Blood + Promo 94 review


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Band: Gorgoroth
Album: A Sorcery Written In Blood + Promo 94
Release date: 1993

01. Gathered At Blakulla
02. Sexual Bloodgargling
03. (Under) The Pagan Megalith
04. Katharinas Bortgang
05. Maaneskyggens Slave

"A Sorcery Written In Blood" is the first Gorgoroth' demo, recorded on April 28th, 1993. The Norwegian Black Metal scene was at its highest point. Only few months later (August 10th, 1993) Euronymous' life ended.
This stuff is a perfect example of Norwegian Black Metal: a primitive sound, raw and straight-in-your-face songs, obscure and satanic imagery, an evocative and evil aura. Three tracks leading you into Gorgoroth' dark atmospheres. "Gathered At Blakulla" is a perfect desperate intro created by Goatpervertor (drums): a lot of guitar feedback noises mixed with Hat' screaming madness; Goat provides for a slow and obsessive drumming.
"Sexual Bloodgargling" is a true morbid hymn alternating violent and evocative parts: two different guitar lines moving together for this epic and grim piece of violence. "(Under) The Pagan Megalith" is a well known track, later included in "Pentagram" full-length album: violent and in some way thrashy, with a slow and absolutist intermezzo. The sound quality of this demo is not so high, but it's raw enough and wreaks its havoc for our pleasure. This is a milestone for what we call Norwegian Black Metal and its quality perfectly fits.
"Promo '94" is a bit different. The natural evolution brought Gorgoroth on a higher level during the period between 1993 and 1994: both the work on songs structure and the technical skills had been improved. So this promo gives us two known tracks, "Katharinas Bortgang" and "Maaneskyggens Slave" (both included in "Pentagram" album), almost in their definitive shape. All the demo's promises had been kept and improved. Once for all: a must for anyone wanting to know what True Black Metal was and how it has to be.

Written by The Seed | 11.10.2004


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