Seyminhol - Ov Asylum review

Band: Seyminhol
Album: Ov Asylum
Release date: 2009

01. Ov Asylum
02. The Old Man's Tree
03. Pretium Doloris
04. Suicide Obsession
05. A Blank Chamber 06. Nail And Spear
06. Pendulum Motion
07. Ecstasy In Sin
08. Apocryphal Anthem

I'm wondering if the music industry is so bad today that bands which used to play not really commercial music have to totally change their musical orientation to expect something good or if the guys of Seyminhol have just drink a lot and took the wrong train… In the past, this band was one of the most promising Metal combo and they're now… just "something else" (not really good unfortunately)… ho well maybe that I just don't understand but I'm really disappointed…

The last release of Seyminhol was a great album and I still remember the fact that everybody at Metal Storm praised this album with a lot of faith in the future of the band. Now that they're back in business after a long break of more than four years, we're in front of a total different combo. No more Epic and Viking music, Ov Asylum is just a release of modern melodic Heavy with even some electronic sounds… The problem is that in addition to be really disappointed by this new orientation, I didn't find anything special in this release. I'm not saying that the songs are terrible but they're basic and clearly don't have the deepness that we had on the previous releases of this band from the north east of France. I don't know what happened, maybe that they guys just wanted to have a larger audience… Maybe that it will work on a side but unfortunately I'm quite sure that 99% of their old fans will not follow them and that's a bit sad…

At least Ov Asylum doesn't lack of rhythm and some aggressive songs like "Apocryphal Anthem" save a bit the release but all in all and despite the fact that the production is not so bad, this release is just boring… I'm sorry I listened to the album several time but I just can't forget what Seyminhol was and the new one just don't have any effect on me. Remember though that it's probably just a matter of taste but sorry I just can't say that I like this new release…

Seyminhol has chosen to become something else, well after all they have the fucking right to do it but they will have to assume the consequences which I hope will be positive anyway. I have my own idea on the conclusion of this story, and I just think that the old fans will go away and that the band will probably find some new ones. After all the band is not interested anymore by the fans of Viking Metal so you have the right too, to pass this turn and wait 'till a new release. Who know maybe that they will come back one day to the great band that they used to be.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 7
Songwriting: 4
Originality: 6
Production: 7

Written by Jeff | 03.10.2009



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04.10.2009 - 13:39
Bitchy Moderator
I still haven't listened to this album, I used to like them a lot and I've been a bit afraid to do it since you told that they have changed their style I guess I still have to check this out, if nothing more your review made me more curious lol
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