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Yotangor - King Of The Universe review


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Band: Yotangor
Album: King Of The Universe
Release date: October 2009

Disc I
01. Speech Of The Liar
02. King Of The Universe
03. Silent Words
04. Try Again
05. About Love
06. Hangin' On
07. Another Place
08. Torched Blazed
09. Drums From The Earth
10. Our Land
11. All We Are
12. Feeling Down
13. Motherless Child

Disc II
01. The Only Way
02. What Are You Made For?
03. Why
04. Power
05. Song For The Sons
06. Rain
07. Spirit's Dance
08. The Dome
09. Time's Off
10. Turn Off The Light
11. Shadows
12. In This World
13. Fly Away

Yotangor is a new female fronted combo made in France! Despite the fact that this trend is getting to be over now, our guys have chosen to play Symphonic Metal (Hard Rock) and their first release is a an ambitious double album with 26 tracks! I'm always a bit suspicious when I have to listen to new bands in the category, everything has already been done in the past and we got so many blatant rip-offs that's it is just terrible 99% of the time. But the man behind the project, JG Pichoustre, is smart and understands music and perfectly understood how to create something "Metal" but easy of access to everybody. King Of The Universe is full of hits and will probably convinces the ones who like to listen to "cute" melodic Metal. Obviously this band could become something…

King Of The Universe is a concept album and talks about King Yotangor, a modern dictator absolutely convinced to be good with his people while all what he does is just perverted by money arrogance and stupidity. Victim of plane crash, Yotangor asks for a second chance and this is how the whole story (and then lyrics) begins. Even if the concept is simple and even if the lyrics are really positive and not dark, there is a certain political conceptual message which is a first good point for me. Ok, Yotangor is not some kind of "fuck the government" Metal band but they're definitely not into the "lalala happy flower land" and that's something that I like when I listen to music. A second really good point in this release is the number of hits. If you like Symphonic Metal you'll find something like 15 killer songs at least. I could talk and describe all the songs but it would be too long but if you can, just check "The Dome" with a really nice epic melody or the really catchy "Fly Away" which should probably become the anthem of the end of their concerts. This is really catchy, will stay a lot in your memory and you'll be suprised to sing all the choruses at the second listening of the album. King Of The Universe is one of those releases that you'll listen to again and again. Things must be said though and you have to know that King Of The Universe is not violent at all and I regret the lack of more powerful riffs. I know that the band wants to be accessible but I think that some metalheads will also regret the fact that the guitars are too soft sometime (they could be heavier really it should work on all the songs without any problem!). King Of The Universe is clearly influenced by 80's Metal so if you like melodic Hard Rock it should be ok for you especially if you like those famous catchy melodies which will stay in your head all days long.... That's the main positive point of this release, the songs are complex with some really nice arrangements but they're all easy of access with cool choruses, like in the 80's…

King Of The Universe was recorded in the excellent professional studio owned by JG and called "The Metal Laboratory" (cool name hu?). The sound is great and well mixed and you'll hear without any problems all the little sounds, 2nd melodies etc featured on each songs. Yngrid Allières, the main vocalist is a good singer and doesn't sing with a pseudo-diva voice (note too that Tony Marcos sings with a really classy hoarsy voice on some songs of the album). Though she is a bit shy sometime and her voice lacks a bit of power but she has a nice one and sings well, so I'm sure that it should be perfect soon. Other good point the guitars solos of Vincent Agar are excellent and a way better than 98% of what we have seen in this category in the past. Finally we're in front of a female fronted band which doesn't simply ignore technique and this is more than enjoyable. King Of The Universe is one of those first albums which kick the ass to a lot of "big productions" without any problem so what are you waiting for to listen to it?

As a metalhead who comes from a heavier scene than Yotangor, I regret a bit the fact that the riffs are too soft and that the album is not really dark. But I already know that the upcoming new next songs are already taking this orientation so I'm expecting a lot of good things with Yotangor. Also with a lot of objectivity, I have to say one more time that the release is just full of hits which should attract and convince a lot of people, from the Metal scene... or not. The band features a really good compositor, an amazing guitarist, a promising singer and some solid professional musicians (especially Tony Marcos, the drummer). Let's see if they will satisfy my hopes in the future but I have the feeling that it should be done without any problems. King Of The Universe is a great first album and this is simply highly recommended if you want to have a nice agreeable moment listening to Symphonic Metal/Hard Rock.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 9
Originality: 7
Production: 8

Written by Jeff | 03.10.2009



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