Mechanical Organic - Disrepair Part Two - The Pleasure Fled review


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Band: Mechanical Organic
Album: Disrepair Part Two - The Pleasure Fled
Release date: 2009

01. Into The Fangs Of Lunacy
02. Into The Fangs Of Lunacy [Radio edit version]

If you've ever listened to Eddie Katz's sort-of one man project Mechanical Organic before (especially the first part of this Disrepair series) you could be forgiven for thinking this new release would be along the same lines as what you've heard already. Disrepair Part One - Permafrost Dreams was a kind of Progressive-ish Industrial/Ambient album. Disrepair Part Two - The Pleasure Fled however is somewhat different. The listener will notice this straight away too as this EP starts with solo-esque guitar playing with steady mid-paced programmed drums and chanting kind of vocals. There is still the distorted heavier riffing here and there as well but there is a noticeable lack of the older Industrial sound. Another difference is the new found freedom the band seems to have. "Into The Fangs Of Lunacy" is the only track on the EP (excluding the radio edit of the same song) and it's a 17 minute epic. The band says that they will be releasing a couple of EPs of this style each year into the future and Disrepair Parts Three and Four are already in the works.

Back to the release at hand though; Disrepair Part Two - The Pleasure Fled is, you've no doubt gathered, an interesting release. The song plods along with the aforementioned soulful solo-ing guitars and a myriad of other instruments (about four different types of bass guitar for starters). The first "verse" of vocals sounds rather good; the chanting is harmonised with the regular vocals to good effect. Like the first Disrepair album, Part Two has a rather political/"conspiratory" theme to it. You can kind of tell too with the samples of what sounds like American radio broadcasts. They appear rather frequently could potentially be annoying so some listeners but they are in a way fitting. If you can tolerate the same sort of thing in some Ministry songs then you should be able to here too.

While this isn't the longest release Mechanical Organic has done, it's an interesting change of direction. At least in this format you get a couple of fixes of the band's music each year. Different types of vocals, solos mixed with distorted guitars and a huge array of other instruments makes Disrepair Part Two - The Pleasure Fled an attractive and somewhat unique EP. For anyone who wants "something different" they may just find it here in this Progressive, almost Avantgarde metal release.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 9
Originality: 9
Production: 7

Written by Raiden | 09.10.2009



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