Ora Nombro - Between Man And Machine review


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Band: Ora Nombro
Album: Between Man And Machine
Release date: 2009

01. Intro / The Mindprojector
02. Parti II - Discovery
03. Outro - New Life
04. Reason To Live
05. Synoptic Groove
06. Beyond The Wall
07. The Thin Line
08. Asymmetrical Thoughts
09. Dark Skies

Coming from Italia, Ora Nombro is a new band of Progressive Metal. Their first album, Between Man And Machine, is a lovely piece of complex music which flirts with modern Prog Metal and Neo Prog. For a first release this is already impressive and extremely mature, this band is a promising combo obviously!

The music of Ora Nombro is deep and touching. From the beginning to the end of the album, you'll get all what you need if you like crazy guitars and keyboards solos, nice lines of keyboards with cool melodic riffs and really powerful but technical drums. The good thing with Between Man And Machine is that the album is varied. A song like "Parti II - Discovery" can be heavy but something like "Reason To Live" is a lot more "80's" in the spirit and near of something that we could consider as Neo Prog. Maybe that those songs (the Neo Progs ones) can be a bit too soft in comparison of the heaviest one but it's nice to listen to it and not boring! Actually maybe that the album lacks a bit of energy sometime but all in all the songs are good and it's really mature not like a lot of new album releases by newbies.

The recording of a Prog album is always important and the one of Between Man And Machine is really well done. When you add that the good performances of the guys (the solos "fights" between the guitars and the keyboards are superb!), it's really hard to say something bad about the production of this release. Between Man And Machine is a good start despite its lack of energy in the middle of the album.

Ora Nombro is a great discovery for me. I don't know if the band (which is unfortunately unsigned) will find a way to spread its release all around the world but if you like Prog I invite you to contact them to find a way to buy this release. Yeah, Between Man And Machine will be great for the people who likes Marillion like Dream Theater, this is just a perfect compromise!

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 7
Originality: 7
Production: 8

Written by Jeff | 10.10.2009


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