Crisix - Demonsthrashion review


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Band: Crisix
Album: Demonsthrashion
Release date: April 2008

01. Internal Pollution
02. Dead By The Fistful Of Violence
03. Mummified By Society

Does Crysys is a familiar name for you? Maybe not but maybe that you've heard something about them if you was at Wacken last year because these Spanish dudes are simply the winners of the Wacken Metal battle! Before that they release their first album (supported by Wacken of course) next year, it's time to have a look at their first demo Demonsthrashion. As you can guess reading the name, this band play Thrash, old school Thrash and those three songs give me good hopes for the future. After all this victory was probably not usurpation.

Crysys is a young band which means that they still have a lot to learn and that their music is probably not the most original and surprising one. But what is obvious is the rage and the wish to do good things and true real ones! Don't expect anything Metalcore, Death/Thrash or modern here but like Evile or Gamma Bomb for example, Crysys must be considerate as one of the newcomers of the pure traditional Thrash scene. Between Destruction and Exodus, Demonsthrashion features three nice Thrash songs. The riffs are violent, the tempo is fast, this is repetitive and the lyrics (with some really high pitched vocals) are angry! This is not really new but I like the violence and anger inside each compositions. Sure Crysys will have to develop its music to give a more personal touch but all in all if you like old school spirit their Thrash should convince you.

The demo is convincing from its recording and production to the performances of the musicians. I cannot say that the guys are the best Thrashers ever found but they're solid players and one more time it's easy to feel the energy inside them. The spirit is here, the good Thrash ingredients are featured in the record sure we will have to wait a confirmation with the new album but things should be nice for them in the future.

Demonsthrashion is not perfect but remember this is only a demo and the guys won Wacken contest some months after its release. Apparently they're really good live and mega motivated to show that Thrash Metal can be made in Spain too so please keep this name in your mind and when their first album will be released next year, we will have some answers. I will do that for sure, Crysys could be a new real revelation of the Thrash Metal scene in the next future years!

Written by Jeff | 21.11.2009



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22.11.2009 - 15:10
Mr. Doctor
Wooow... This is some really angry stuff, I really liked the energy and the vocals were awesome.
I hope they can make a full lenght... I would check that out
Good review!
Written by BloodTears on 19.08.2011 at 18:29
Like you could kiss my ass
Written by Milena on 20.06.2012 at 10:49
Rod, let me love you.
24.11.2009 - 00:43
"the guys won Wacken contest some months after its release. "
Well I can say that this contest had a big controversy. Other bands in the contest complained about the way it was celebrated and that it was already settled Crysys would win before the concerts. I have no idea about that, but what I could see is the bad manners of this band replying in a lame myspace-battle-posts some months ago. Well, they are teenagers, but would be good they were more polite, what I saw...
26.11.2009 - 01:55
Just waiting for the new album to be sure that we are in front of a great new band! I saw them in wacken and they deserved the victory!
I think the contest is not settled, beacuse the votes are made from all the countries which also participate in the metal battle, and the results were 19 votes to crysys of 20, so? ... most of the bands were metalcore-deathcore...just Tank from France impressed me, and Crysys.

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