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Band: Lacrimosa
Album: Einsamkeit
Release date: 1992

01. Tranen Der Sehnsucht (Part I & II)
02. Reissende Blicke
03. Einsamkeit
04. Diener Eines Geistes
05. Loblied Auf Die Zweisamkeit
06. Bresso

"Einsamkeit" is the second album that Lacrimosa released back in1992. After their very promising debut album, we can see that on their second step Lacrimosa (Tilo Wolff at that moment) become more experienced (both in composition writing, expression and music quality) and Wolff's voice rapidly and steadily becomes more and more mature. Also the sound of Lacrimosa becomes more affected and various as Tilo Wolff starts to use some new instruments and some others that have been used on their debut album and now are being used more and more. The progress in Lacrimosa's sound is quite obvious and is one of the main characteristics of Lacrimosa's music throughout the years; innovation, variety and progress, characteristics that were pacing with the band from their very beginning, followed them through the years up to date and I hope, wish and believe that will keep on harmonizing with their music as they will keep on going and cherishing with us their emotions.

The piano opens "Einsamkeit" and "Tranen der Sehnsucht (Part I & II)" with its sweet and melancholic melody enchanting the listener. Tilo interprets in a peaceful way while he's being accompanied by the slow rhythmic drumming and the guitars that perform a marching atmosphere, an atmosphere that becomes more intense with the tempo becoming faster and faster as the song goes on, with a lengthy emotional break in between with beautiful-sounding guitar ideas and stunning piano melodies, and reaches its end with an inspired guitar solo. "Reissende Blicke" continues the album in an utterly melancholic, filled with painful emotions, way. The keyboard melodies like grey colours on a bleak portrait paint the soundscape with dreary sounds accompanying Wolff's descriptive and desperate interpretation that becomes more intense as the keyboard and piano melodies slowly turn to more emotionally charged ones escalating the song - the way Tilo screams from above in the beginning of the song as the keyboard melodies accompany him still haunts me…

The album flows wonderfully with the title-track, "Einsamkeit" and the keyboards take their time to unfold their sweet melody that reminds me of the sounds of an amusement park. As the song continues the keyboards slow down accompanying Tilo Wolff's serene chants to slowly bring again to the foreground the arch melody of the song with some small changes leading to the following composition, "Diener eines Geistes". Heavy guitar riffing opens the song and prepares the ground for Tillo's enchanting interpretation. A various-sounding composition with moments of pure tranquillity and others with heavy guitar riffing and solos or lunatic keyboard melodies floating in the air accompanying the calm at times whilst at others ecstatic voice of Tilo.

"Loblied auf die Zweisamkeit" continues the album, a really mysterious, yet atmosphere-evoking, composition. The song flows in an utterly serene way with the soft sound of the keyboards echoing as Tilo Wolff recites in a peaceful manner until the 6th minute when some chants can be heard being accompanied by a repeated ritual sound leading the song to its end in an emotional melancholic way with Tilo interpreting in a melodic way as the keyboard melodies evoke the ideal devout feeling in the air. "Einsamkeit" reaches the end with "Bresso", a brilliant and beautiful-sounding classical piece, a composition showing of what would follow in the forthcoming future. Beautiful piano pieces surround the listener as they accompany the violin's fragile melodies and Tilo's desperate heart-rending interpretation. "Bresso", a waltz for Tilo's voice and the violin's bleeding melodies, a duet in tragedy dancing in a melancholic way.

"Einsamkeit", a must-have album for all the Lacrimosa fans and a wonderful album for all that would like to find out how did Lacrimosa sound in their early years.


Written on 31.10.2004 by "It is myself I have never met, whose face is pasted on the underside of my mind."


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Great review. Thank you that you make Lacrimosa appear in Metal Storm !

The only song I don't manage to "understand" is Loblied auf die Zweisamkeit. I can't feel with it - and that's quite rare with Lacrimosa. The rest of the album is always travelling with me, in my bag or in my head...

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