Monstrosity - Rise To Power review


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Band: Monstrosity
Album: Rise To Power
Release date: 2003

01. The Exordium
02. Awaiting Armageddon
03. Wave Of Annihilation
04. The Fall Of Eden
05. Chemical Reaction
06. A Casket For The Soul
07. Rise To Power
08. Visions Of Violence
09. From Wrath To Ruin
10. Abysmal Gods
11. Shadow Of Obliteration

For the most part, 2003 was not a very good year for metal. Nu-metal was still all the rage, Immortal broke up, and Metallica released St. Anger. However, among this sea of filth and broken souls, there was one shining island of greatness. In 2003, the Florida death metal band Monstrosity went from being a rather sub-par death metal act to releasing Rise to Power, one of the greatest metal albums of 2003, and possibly one of the greatest metal albums of the decade. This album proved that the best works can be found during the worst times.

The album was produced by the legendary Jason Suecof, who knows how to create an album that has an incredibly high production value but still retains the impact that the music was meant to deliver. He keeps the music rich and deep, while at the same time making the sound clear and sharp. No instrument is ignored on this album. On most albums, the bass is nothing more than a low rumbling in the background, but here, it stands out quite well and gives the music a great amount of depth. It's even given some standalone parts on songs such as "Awaiting Armageddon" and "Wave of Annihilation". The guitar duo of Sam Molina and Tony Norman is a wondrous exhibition of well-structured, catchy riffs and solo tradeoffs, especially on the last song. The drumming is fantastically played, but one may not like how the double bass sounded like a typewriter. Luckily, one is able to look past that thanks to the other instruments. The vocals sound almost exactly like George Fisher, but Jason Avery's growls flow with the rhythm the song more than George. Together, these elements create an album that is aggressive and memorable.

When looking back at 2003, don't see it as a year of monumental band breakups and horrible music polluting the airwaves. Instead, see it as the year that Monstrosity rose to power and proved to the world that they were far from dead.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 9
Songwriting: 9
Originality: 8
Production: 10

Written by Insineratehymn | 11.01.2010


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13.01.2010 - 03:13
Yes, 'Rise to Power' was a good album. I smiled at the remark about the "typewriter" double bass drumming, but it's not like the band are overly clinical sounding, and neither do they descend into a noisy mess - as you also stated, they write some memorable songs, with a catchy flow. The heaviness is measured and controlled, ultimately making it more effective. Overall, personally I preferred their previous studio release, 'In Dark Purity'... but 'Rise to Power' is still a strong album.
11.09.2010 - 16:52
It's a very good album, but not as agressive as Imperial Doom and Millenium
20.10.2010 - 09:57
Have to admit Their best work so far...killer album

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