Darkane - Rusted Angel review


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Band: Darkane
Album: Rusted Angel
Release date: April 1999

01. Intro
02. Convicted
03. Bound
04. Rape Of Mankind
05. Rusted Angel
06. A Wisdoms Breed
07. Chase For Existence [Japanese + '03 reissue bonus]
08. The Arcane Darkness
09. July 1999
10. Frenetic Visions
11. Convicted [live] ['03 reissue bonus]
12. A Wisdoms Breed [live] ['03 reissue bonus]

From the depths of cold Sweden, prosperous colony of quality Death and Thrash Metal, comes another band with a bright future and inarguable talent: it's Darkane and the year is 1998. Four musician metalheads get together to form their own band. It didn't took them much time to get a contract with a relatively well known label such as Regain Records, which is, as you'll read and, after this, hear (I hope), understandable. They became professionals and, in a true compromise with the responsibilities of such status, as every good musician does, the first full length was quickly achieved, under the name "Rusted Angel", in 1999.

What does the debut album represents to a new band? Certainly commitment on making good music, working for a respectable start and the wish for recognition. Few can be proud of having had the maturity and ideas some only earn with experience to create, at their first big attempt, something that is truly impressive and passible of being rated as high as some of the most influential and respected albums in a musical style. But this is too much talk (that I included to allow a prediction on the rest of this review and my opinion) for a simple question: "how good is Darkane's start?" In short, it's brilliant.

Basically what we are served with here is frenetic and abrasive Thrash/Death Metal bombed out of chaotic drums and well used bass, screamed through infernal vocals and tortured by insane guitars, in cohesive anthems of melodic brutality. It's all incredibly catchy and carefully planned by this perfect line-up in a mind blowing journey. Just the starting riffage of "Convicted", the pre-chorus of "Bound" or the verses of "Rusted Angel" would be enough to relegate to second plan some veteran bands.

But, as if it wasn't enough, you won't be surprised only with the blend of technical and compositional capabilities at this level of Metal. Vulgarly named "Intro", the first track shows a different and unexpected face, with orchestrational arrangements between groovy riffs. Some more moments following that same logic will be heard in the beginning of "Rusted Angel" and the instrumental "The Arcane Darkness". If you are Japanese or a lucky owner of a Japanese issue "Relief In Disguise" (instrumental only, no symphonic influences this time) provides great solos. Personally I think this would only be better if that track was considered part of the album and included on all versions of it, it's the perfect closing.

In a time (end of the 90's) when Thrash Metal seem to be in a slower pace at some years already and Death Metal missing some originality outside the Gothenburg sound, Darkane comes up as a perfect suggestion for anyone who won't mind that Melodic Death touch in the mix. I dare to conclude by saying this is one of the best debut albums of all time. Let's hope more of this will come and that they manage to be regular and trace a consistent career.

Written by Passenger | 16.11.2004


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