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Darkane - Insanity review


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Band: Darkane
Album: Insanity
Release date: March 2001

01. Calamitas
02. Third
03. Emanation Of Fear
04. Impure Perfection
05. Hostile Phantasm
06. Psychic Pain
07. 000111
08. The Perverted Beast
09. Distress
10. Inauspicious Coming
11. Pile Of Hate
12. Inverted Spheres
13. Convicted [live] [japanese bonus]

When something strikes hard in the beginning the general tendency is to progressively slow down in the nearest future. Commonly I found this phenomenon hard to explain on music, because if success is reached without much experience then not many things can justify a break in quality on their return. We all have seen it happening, bands that never again repeat or surpass the inspired impetus of their first work. Well, Darkane is back and they drag with them one of those few sceneries that everyone knows should be avoided: a line-up change.

Yes, the dawn of a new millennium has arrived and the progenitors of "Rusted Angel" decided to replace Lawrence Mackrory with the unknown Andreas Sydow. In a first view this may seem just another change (in Metal we got used to see this happen), but there are some differences, while the original vocalist kind of reminded me of Steve Souza from Exodus, Sydow sounds more Death Metal, doesn't scream as harsher and growls deeper (and more). There are some bands that you think no other vocalist would fit as well as the original. I thought Darkane was one of them, but, gladly, it's not the case, in fact I prefer the current singer.

So, this can't fail because of the vocals, that's what I want to settle. Let's go to the rest. Drums: absolutely magnificent. Peter Wildoer shines even more and some songs tend to be totally dependent on him, like "Distress" or "Pile Of Hate", you won't even care about anything else on those. The cymbal work is simply the best I've ever heard. Thought it couldn't get better then Gene Hoglan? Well, listen to this and you will find a strong competitor or even change your opinion. Bass: not much time to appear clearly, this album is too fast and aggressive for that. Guitars: intense work as expected but, unfortunately not so many memorable moments as previously. That is the general problem with "Insanity". Despite the great musicianship, the compositional level is unfortunately far from what "Rusted Angel" showed. On the down side of this album I also have to mention a particular song, "Psycho Pain", which I don't like because of the effects on the riffs and the dispersed vocals with echoes that don't seem to fit this kind of music. It's very confusing (especially when listened on phones) and somewhat Industrial.

They included again a symphonic/Metal beginning and ending as well, both really great. "000111" works the same way, no vocals on any of these 3 tracks. Anyway, besides the regression on the songwriting, it's still above average, no question about that, and in the same ultra technical Thrash/Death style, in many things similar to Death's "The Sound Of Perseverance" stage. It's more explosive and insane then their first album (I can't think of a more appropriate title to describe this, really) and slightly less melodic, being that "Third" and "Inauspicious Coming" are the ones that stand out the most on that characteristic, definitely among the highlights.

Written by Passenger | 16.11.2004


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