Helloween - Unarmed - Best Of 25th Anniversary review


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Band: Helloween
Album: Unarmed - Best Of 25th Anniversary
Release date: December 2009

01. Dr. Stein
02. Future World
03. If I Could Fly
04. Where The Rain Grows
05. The Keeper's Trilogy
06. Eagle Fly Free
07. Perfect Gentleman
08. Forever & One
09. I Want Out
10. Falling To Pieces
11. A Tale That Wasn't Right

One of Germany's most successful bands of all time along with the likes of Scorpions and Accept, Helloween are celebrating their 25th anniversary in style. Unarmed is not just any compilation album, this is a disc of completely re-recorded and re-arranged songs from throughout the band's history. It will certainly catch you off guard as the band put on their smartest suits and jazz it up with this compilation of acoustic rock versions of all your favourite songs.

You'll be looking at Helloween from a completely different perspective with this release. Some of the songs fair better with their acoustic rock make-over than others, for example this slower version of "Where The Rain Grows" transforms the entire song entirely from the joyful, original version. The suave "Perfect Gentleman" might also even suit better in this style. Either way, with this disc you will be waiting in anticipation for the next song to see how it has been adapted and re-worked in this style.

Realistically, if you are new to Helloween you're not going to start with this release. This compilation is in no way an indicator towards the rich history of the band, and is therefore restricted entirely to the enjoyment of the band's loyal fans.

Perhaps the most re-arranged composition on Unarmed is "The Keeper's Trilogy", which sees the band team up with the Prague Symphony Orchestra for a symphonic rock mash together of "Halloween", "Keeper Of The Seven Keys" and "King For A 1000 Years". The seventeen minute-long opus works well, but unlike the other re-worked acoustic songs on the disc, this song does not deviate so far from the original versions other than the stylistic change from metal to rock.

Helloween have been around for many years now, and this compilation offers a breath of fresh air to the Helloween approach. We have all heard these songs a million times before, and this disc allows you to enjoy these classics as if you had never heard them before. The band don't need to please anyone, and Unarmed gives the impression of the band taking a step back and having a bit of freedom and fun with these songs. This isn't something for newcomers to the band, but it can be refreshingly enjoyable for the old fans.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: -
Originality: 9
Production: 9


Written on 23.02.2010 by Member of Staff since 2006.

Guest review by
Nemo Atkins
2010 was definitely an interesting year for Helloween, wasn't it? The two albums they released that year were practically polar opposites of each other: one was this album, an acoustic re-imagining of some of their best hits, and the other was arguably their darkest album to date, the awesome (and my personal favourite album from this band) 7 Sinners. In celebration of this band's upcoming (at the time of writing) 14th album, I figured it was time to examine this album. And the results...are very hit and miss, if I'm honest.

published 09.01.2013 | Comments (3)

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05.03.2010 - 21:40
Heaven Knight
Because it would be boring...hypnotized masses of fans will be bowing before them, but will be anything more in it? no...
My rest seems now calm and deep
Finally I got my dead man sleep

14.03.2010 - 00:14
Mr. stain video is just great !! Well done...:banger2:
19.03.2010 - 01:09
Rosetta Stoned
Agreed with a lot of your points, great review! I myself loved this album - I really enjoy Pink Bubbles and Chameleon (see my reviews ) and finally Helloween dared to do something alike!

Helloween is my favourite power metal band because they might be the only band out there in the power metal genre who dares to try new things, and they don't take everything seriously like most other bands in the genre. (tell me one more power metalband that could've recorded a song with lyrics like Dr. Stein or Heavy Metal Hamsters, or with the sound of a sheep beehing?)

I'm so glad Helloween did this - I really enjoy rearangements and I loved listening to this! And seriously, who couldn't like the trilogy? Blew my mind for three weeks!
04.07.2011 - 21:35
Fat & Sassy!
Written by BudDa on 23.02.2010 at 20:28

I most certainly commend Helloween for the originality and balls to put out an album such as this one. I thought the album was enjoyable but I also thought there were better ways to celebrate their 25th Anniversary..for example, they would have done what CoB did last year or what StU is fond of doing; covering other bands' classics and shitting all over them. Helloween instead decided to shit on their own classics...genius!

You do you, brozzio.
26.06.2012 - 12:59
Unna Med
To be honest, the only songs on this album that appeal to me are Dr.Stein and Perfect Gentleman, but those can give me a perfect mood for the entire day!
Only Helloween songs can do that to me. Because of that I love all of their albums, even Chameleon and Pink Bubbles Go Ape.
Is there anybody in there?
Just nod if you can hear me.
Is there anyone at home?
30.11.2012 - 01:57
Forever & One - Helloween

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