Jodis - Secret House review

Band: Jodis
Album: Secret House
Release date: October 2009

01. Ascent
02. Continents
03. Secret House
04. Follow The Dogs
05. Little Beast
06. Waning
07. Slivers

Extreme Ambient
Label: Hydra Head Records
Total Running Time: 51:13

Unconventional out of the box music asks for unconventional out of the box reviews.

There is a remarkable lack of bands that are still willing to experiment these days. Luckily mastermind James Plotkin, joined by Tim Wyskida (both Khanate and Khlyst) found Aaron Turner (Isis, Lotus Eaters) willing to lay down some diverse vocal work on the new project, named Jodis.

The album is not such an upheaval as the average Khanate of Khlyst albums. Secret House portrays a rather stormless surrounding; no tidal waves or strong breezes we know from aforementioned bands to get drenched in here.

There are only soaring melodies on Secret House. Souring melodies that create dreary soundscapes. Almost like a colorless painting where the paint is seeping out heavily... (pretty much like the cover artwork).

An uncomfortable feeling is taking over your body and conscious. You dream imageless dreams. The desolate spaciousness is uncontrollable and aching. It becomes dissolving. The bleak yet restless nature of the tracks works depressing.

Suddenly, self-destructive behavior seems not so devious anymore. Dangerous mind games are being played.

Disarranged chords melt away in eternal darkness.

Lost in meditation.

The death of everything harmonized is near.

Silence fears Jodis.

Hopelessness concurred today.

Any more words about this happy mood-killer masterpiece would just deaden the already barren atmosphere.

Written by Thryce | 01.03.2010



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01.03.2010 - 12:22
Account deleted
"extreme ambient" ?

That's a new one. Shall definitely check this one out.
01.03.2010 - 14:32
Checking it out!
01.03.2010 - 17:24
Account deleted
I'll be honest, this wasn't as good as expected, especially considering James Plotkin was involved. The whole thing felt like it was missing something, an integral third dimension, and was quite repetitive by the end, i'd be hesitant to call this extreme either.
02.03.2010 - 06:05
Sounds like time & setting are important for this one - like drugs! Yay!
02.03.2010 - 11:46
Where do I find this band? I wanna try this music!

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