Flown - Child In A Box review

Band: Flown
Album: Child In A Box
Release date: 2010

01. Child In A Box (Part I)
02. Stay Away
03. Someone Else
04. Still Together
05. Inside
06. Answers
07. Love And Reason
08. Sex Addiction
09. Pig
10. Let Me Down
11. Loulou's Song
12. Like No Other
13. Close To You
14. Into My Eyes
15. Child In A Box (Part II)

Flown is the new project of Flo Sliwa who used to be the guitarist of the French combo Dornfall. This time we will not talk about Lord Of The Rings lyrics and the music will not be so progressive and dark but more "pop" and easy of access. Flown is clearly influenced by bands like Alter Bridges or even Tool or Alice In Chains. This is modern, not "true" metal but well done and catchy, if you like, of course, alternative music!

Don't even expect something clearly metal in this release and if you're closed minded or just don't like "FM" music, don't loose your time here because I doubt that it will change your tastes. Flown is clearly influenced by grunge, alternative rock and metal and even nu metal and it's a bit "funny" because this album clearly sounds US, and it's quite rare in France to listen to this kind of music played by a band of the country. But the guys seem to know how it works and the whole album sounds good in the genre. Sure, the choruses are commercial but catchy, sure this is not the most complex music ever wrote but this is perfectly composed with a lot of intelligence and even if it's a bit mellow and not really "aggressive" this is nice to have a break sometime and listen to such kind of accessible music. All in all, I think that you all understand what I mean, Child In A Box is a pure album of alternative metal, well done but also really classic and not so surprising. It's simple but if you like such kind of sound, you'll find it good, if you're not into this music you'll find it boring.

Child In A Box is well produced, well written and the performance of Flo and his mate Jack are really correct and professional (but this is not so surprising). On the other hand, even if the songs work and are well done, this is extremely classic and there are tons of others combos which used to play the same kind of music. Plus, I'm not sure that this music works well nowadays so do Flown can become famous? I'm not so sure, I mean that yes it's good but not better than what have been done in the past or can be done again so it won't be easy…

We'll see what happen to the band but honestly this first album is a good start. Too classic yes, but well done in the genre, it will please all the ones who like this music. Let's see what the future will tell but Flown can already do good music, that's up to them to do something perfect next time!

Rating breakdown
Performance: 7
Songwriting: 7
Originality: 4
Production: 8

Written by Jeff | 21.03.2010



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LeChron James
Not even kidding, definitely where children should be kept.
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