Würm - Swing With The Savior review

Band: Würm
Album: Swing With The Savior
Release date: November 2009

01. Swing With The Savior
02. My Ride
03. On The Pyre
04. Possession
05. Lazy Dazzy
06. Sexual Hunger
07. Poor Flower
08. Like A Dog
09. It May Be You,
10. She Drives Me Crazy
11. Hide

Newcomer of the French metal scene, Würm released last year its first album Swing With The Savior. And the less that we can say is that we're finally in front of a band which tries to do something "different". Sure it's not so hard to find influences in Swing With The Savior but at least the band did its best to be unique and in the end, this is not bad at all! At the opposite Swing With The Savior is even a good surprise!

I've never imagine that a band could try to mix some progressive thrash a la Nevermore with progressive music a la Evergrey with… grunge… You're not dreaming and I'm serious, Würm mixes power thrash metal with progressive and alternative music, and the result is not so bad actually! After all the power of thrash with the melodies of grunge are not incompatible! Obviously this is refreshing and not so common so if you're looking for powerful metal with however some cool grunge spirit Swing With The Savior was made for you! And the funny thing in this release is that a song can be really "power", in the genre I mean, and one other even jazzy and cool ("Like A Dog"). This non linearity is one other good point of the album, every track is different and you'll not be bored by a succession of bland repetitive songs.

Swing With The Savior smells professionalism and the band members from the musicians to the singer are all really good. Tef's voice is good, powerful and clearly sounds "grunge" which is really cool and unique for a metal band. Well all in all Swing With The Savior is surprising, I was clearly not expecting something like that and you know what? This is always a good thing when a band finds the way to shock you in a good way. Who can do that today? Not a lot of combo sadly…

Swing With The Savior is a lovely discovery. I will wait their next album to claim that they can become a really good and famous combo but if they manage to stay unique and even add some craziness in their next compositions you can be sure that people will start to talk about them. In brief Würm rocks and you should have a look at their album, it shouldn't be a bad idea

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 8
Originality: 9
Production: 7

Written by Jeff | 27.03.2010



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28.03.2010 - 21:36
Fat & Sassy!
I'm going to check this out, but the album cover makes me feel a bit intrigued... and weary at the same time.
You do you, brozzio.

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