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Band: Rage
Album: From The Cradle To The Stage
Release date: November 2004

Disc I
01. Orgy Of Destruction
02. War Of Worlds
03. Great Old Ones
04. Paint The Devil On The Wall
05. Sent By The Devil
06. Firestorm
07. Down
08. Prayers Of Steel
09. Suicide
10. Days Of December
11. Unity
12. Anarchy
13. Enough Is Enough
14. Invisible Horizons
15. Set This World On Fire

Disc II
01. Flesh And Blood
02. Rocket Silence
03. Soundchaser
04. Straight To Hell
05. Back In Time
06. Refuge
07. From The Cradle To The Grave
08. Black In Mind
09. Solitary Man
10. Don't Fear The Winter
11. All I Want
12. Higher Than The Skies

The Germanic Rage of Heavy Metal is blowing through our beloveth lands. This time it's 2 hours of live material from our favourite kind of Rage.
After their successful latest release "Soundchaser" Rage decided to record their largest live album ever, but not only because a live album of this size is needed, but also because 2004 is an anniversary for them, it's now 20 years ago Peavy started his band Avenger (Rage today), and it's also 5 years ago the present line-up became Rage.

The material they have chosen is good, I think. Here you'll get songs from the very fist Avenger album, "Prayers of Steel" to the very latest Rage album, "Soundchaser".
But as expected, the newer material rocks the hell out of the older, it's only "Don't Fear the Winter" that still holds, and it holds good, I'll vote it as one of the best songs in Rage's 20 year long history.
But it's still their newer material that holds Rage on the legs, sure it's cool to hear the older material, but it doesn't stand a chance against the new.

You'll also get the most famous Rage song ever, "Straight to Hell", many don't know that it's Rage that made that song, but I'm sure every German citizen heard it. It was chosen for the German Movie "Der Schuh des Manitu", that became a huge commercial success, and the song also became a huge commercial success for Rage.
Personally I'm not very fond of it, it's much to commercial and Victor's riffing reminds me more of a Nu-Metal band than Rage.

Anyway, let's talk about some fact around the album.
You'll get more than 2 hours of music divided in 27 songs, everything recorded during one concert in Zeche, Bochum, Germany in January 2004.
The sound is perfect; everything from Mike's drums to Victor's fabulous guitars, and Peavy, my man, his voice is as wonderful live as in the studio. I actually think that Peavy is best on keeping his voice the same in the studio as live, not many singers are capable of that.

This album will come in three different outfits, this double live album, one DVD and one package with both.
Of course I recommend you to buy the package with both, because the DVD is something.
But I'll not speak anymore about the DVD; a separate review of the DVD will follow, so stay tuned.

Check Out: The whole concert, Rage Rules.

Written by Malcolm | 03.12.2004



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09.07.2006 - 23:32
I bought the original DVD and it's kinda hard to say, but I think I didn't like it so much as I tought I would.
Let's just say that some music is better to be listened than watched.
Sure there are some exceptional videos but all in all I think it's overrated... I'd give it a 7.0
09.07.2006 - 23:45
Retired Mod.
I was really pretty blown away by it. Liked it a damn lot. And watching Smolski play is just really cool, he is an amazing guitarplayer.
30.07.2006 - 06:44
Vinnie R.
Chido Chido
is the best recopilation of rage!

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