Artension - Into The Eye Of The Storm review


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Band: Artension
Album: Into The Eye Of The Storm
Release date: 1996

01. World Of Illusion
02. Into The Eye Of The Storm
03. Smoke And Fire
04. The Wind And The Rain
05. Lost Memory
06. The Key
07. Song Of The Desert
08. Red's Recovery
09. Let It Ride
10. I Don't Care

The question I need to answer first is, what is it that this band has to offer that is so great? Well, the guitar and keyboard duels are outstanding, the drums are well executed and the vocals are very unique. If you have listened to Power metal such as Stratovarius, Sonata Arctica and similar bands, this band is along the same lines, but with more of a progressive twist. There is also a heavy use of keyboards present (when compared to more popular bands of this genre.) which might confuse people as to whether this is rock or metal. Let me say, this is the most metal you will get from Artension.

Now, let me talk about the album and the music. 'World Of Illusion' is a great neoclassical showcasing of guitar and keyboard duels, with a memorable chorus. The first half of the album is very experimental, for example 'Smoke And Fire' gives the album a funky edge, something you rarely hear in the rest of their discography. The second half of the album though.... is what really drew me into this album though. Wow, what amazing instrumentation! Songs like 'Lost Memory', 'Let It Ride' and 'Song Of The Desert' continue the neoclassical sound. 'The Key' is more of the progressive side. The instrumental track is the greatest example of what this band offers, and was probably the biggest track to blow me away, with some of the fastest duelling I have ever heard from a band. There are some very valuable moments in the entire release.

A lot of people will see this release as an 'average' or 'boring' effort, but like I said earlier.. once you hear these songs a few times, they become much better. As a whole, this is definitely a grower, but when it grows.. it becomes something you could listen to every day. Each song begins to come into it's own, and you really start to appreciate the whole album. I must admit, I am a cheesy person myself and I love neoclassical arrangements. It is amazing how unknown this band is at the moment, because this album and Phoenix Rising show what the band has to offer.

This album is the gem of their discography. If you like Progressive Metal with fast keyboards and guitars, buy it! Buy it now!!!

Rating breakdown
Performance: 10
Songwriting: 9
Originality: 8
Production: 9

Written by Sword_Chant | 13.04.2010


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