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Dying Fetus - Descend Into Depravity
15 September 2009

01. Your Treachery Will Die With You
02. Shepherd's Commandment
03. Hopeless Insurrection
04. Conceived Into Enslavement
05. Atrocious By Nature
06. Descend Into Depravity
07. At What Expense?
08. Ethos Of Coercion
09. Grotesque Impalement [live] [Japanese bonus]
10. Twisted Truth [Pestilence cover] [Japanese bonus]

It takes only about 33 and half minutes for the listener to be, once again, brutally beaten by the Dying Fetus sound. Now reduced to a trio who has John Gallagher as their central figure, the Fetuses have reached their sixth full-length, sustaining the discography's uniformity with another consistent release in terms of Death Metal, Hardcore and Grindcore (unfortunately for some, a little more Hard than Grind through the latest albums).

And just like most of the famous previous releases, both artwork and lyrics present violence and anarchist chaos, raging anthems against corruption in government and media, the same old baloney that has been successfully applied from Killing On Adrenaline to on. Still, the usual huge texts of lyrics on each track allow us to constantly hear Gallagher's voice, and that is a good thing.

Accompanied by bassist Sean Beasley in the vocal department since the 2000's, Gallagher's voice is one of the few aspects of Dying Fetus never to be victim of a downfall moment throughout the entire discography. We hear nothing but pleasant grunts and growls from this guy, who also invests in puzzled guitar work, full of speed and groove, subtly presenting more solos. As for the other two, they are highly responsible for this album's brutal heaviness even with the absence of a second guitarist. Beasley's bass work on "At What Expense" and Williams participation on "Shepherd's Commandment" deserves an outstanding recognition.

Sure, the album is not perfect, there are boring kill-time moments, especially on "Hopeless Insurrection," but considering their previous effort, Descend Into Depravity was a huge relief. Fortunately the exaggerated Hardcore elements no longer remain and Dying Fetus once again sounds brutal enough to recover their fan base's confidence.

Performance: 9
Songwriting: 8
Originality: 8
Production: 9

Band profile: Dying Fetus
Album: Descend Into Depravity


written by Uirapuru | 26.04.2010

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I_Die_Often - 26.04.2010 at 04:58  
Dying Fetus is one of my favorite bands, and no album has disappointed me!
At times I swear they sound better as a trio, and being a trio takes nothing away from their sound live either.
Dangerboner - 26.04.2010 at 08:11  
Agreed about Hopeless Insurrection, but that's because it's one of only two songs that John didn't write by himself lol
Insineratehymn - 26.04.2010 at 08:19  
I know fully well that Dying Fetus is awesome, especially in this effort, but that album cover sucks ass.
soadbyob - 26.04.2010 at 16:52  
I actually liked this album, I figured I wouldnt for some reason, classic Dying Fetus
I_Die_Often - 26.04.2010 at 16:56  
Written by Guest on 26.04.2010 at 08:19

I know fully well that Dying Fetus is awesome, especially in this effort, but that album cover sucks ass.

The cover does suck! I'm hoping when they are here on May 24th this time they have shirts with something other than the album cover... didn't buy any last time...
Maxx666 - 02.05.2010 at 09:36  
Great album!!!
Malphas - 30.06.2010 at 23:31  
Got this album shortly, gotta say it's my fav from their discography, Sean Beasley's fingertapping on the bass guitar is epic
bloodwrage - 21.12.2010 at 03:43  
"pleasant grunts and growls"
I had to laugh when I saw that. Good review though.
Uirapuru - 03.01.2011 at 10:46  
Written by bloodwrage on 21.12.2010 at 03:43

"pleasant grunts and growls"
I had to laugh when I saw that. Good review though.

Reading now I realized how this sounds. Damn

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