Charlotte - Medusa Groove review


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Band: Charlotte
Album: Medusa Groove
Release date: April 2010

01. Medusa Groove
02. Woman Behind The Eyes
03. Siren
04. Little Devils
05. Miss Necrophilia
06. She Get It Up
07. Got Love On The Line
08. Changes
09. Roadhouse Of Love
10. Ocean Of Love And Mercy
11. Invisible Man
12. All Tied Up

Oh great...More obscure, hard rock excavations. Whoa! Wait! What's this? A good heavy riff?! Finally! With the recent resurgence of old-school sounding metal being played by fresh bands, record companies have been inspired to dig up some of the forgotten albums that filled gaps back a few decades ago. Rarely has this reared satisfying results. Charlotte is standing head-and-shoulders above many of these lack-lustre artifacts.

Medusa Groove has to be one of the most eclectic hard rock albums I've listened to in ages; the laid back moments sounding like Billy Idol mixed with The Cult, then picking up the pace to sound like Skid Row's mid-paced moments, all topped off with the intense blues-drenched Aerosmith sound (good Aerosmith, not that soccer-mom, mini-van driving, latte drinking, conservative, easy listening Aerosmith you hear today.) Anthems, power-ballads, and cheesy saxophone all give off that "I haven't washed the liquor out of my mullet in a fortnight" type feeling - a good feeling to have when listening to an album like Medusa Groove.

There is something to be said about being too eclectic though. As much as this is a good, hard-rocking sleaze rock album, it lacks any real identity of it's own. Medusa Groove beats the hell out of a good chunk of anything put out by a lot of Hollywood bands who did there best to make the 80's a little bit shameful. Unfortunately good, honest rock n' roll sometimes just doesn't cut it against marketable gimmicks and trends, which is probably what pushed this album under any major radars.

A solid rock n' roll album with little to no specific pitfalls, a little generic at times, but worth looking into regardless.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 9
Songwriting: 8
Originality: 6
Production: 7


Written on 20.05.2010 by Former EIC. Now just a reviewer guy.


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20.05.2010 - 19:13
Lol nice review, if not my style of music.

one point, though, i doubt anyone who actually sports a mullet/hockey hair/shom/ape drape/nordco neckwarmer/forbidden hair is familiar with the word "fortnight".
get the fuck off my lawn.
20.05.2010 - 22:19
Fat & Sassy!
I'll probably check this out. Good review. Medusa Groove is a badass title for an album.
You do you, brozzio.

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