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Band: Imicus
Album: Animal Factory
Release date: May 2010

01. Animal Factory
02. Visceral
03. Inveigle
04. An Isolation Dawn
05. The Butterfly Effect
06. Wither
07. Killer Lies
08. Veiled Oedema
09. Keep Your Halo
10. The Icarus Principle

Alternative metal
Recorded: Parlour Studios, UK 2009-2010
Label: Transcend Records
Total Running Time: 44:23

There's a monster in the closet. And it takes the devil's advocate to open the door. So allow me.

Imicus' debut Animal Factory is difficult to pigeonhole. In case there ever was a little slice of heaven between alternative metal and post-hardcore, I guess Imicus just discovered it. So, whatever the fuck their exact genre may be, let's just call it "good" and leave it at that.

What we learned so far is that Imicus have some sort of a distinct sound going on. This is a band that doesn't need to unleash their pent-up rage and destroy the whole neighborhood in order to slap the shit out of the listener. This is a band that shows intelligence and forward-thinking musicianship. These guys have a passion for creating a supremely invigorating sound that is non-clichéd and indeed a bit out of the ordinary.

But it gets better. This invigorating sound is primarily composed of instigating melodies that are both soothing and shadowy. The kind of music that is murky and brooding without sounding too emotional and self-pitying. The strange thing is this deceptively dark and mellow sound turns me on in a weird way I can't quite explain.

It gets even better. I saved the best part for last: clear and clean vocals. Hold on, these vocals are simply engrossing and give the music a dynamic and varied feel - so yes, they're essential here. On a few songs the electrifying clean voice does get masterly alternated with some harsh vocals that are neither crispy nor overpowering, though those moments are scarce.

I wasn't lying about the monster in the closet. Animal Factory is sort of a controversial album as it has to overcome the prejudices that come with mellow music with clean vocals. All the ones who made it this far into the review and think they can step out of this stereotype perspective will indeed discover a little slice of musical heaven. The door's open...

(Be sure to check out "The Icarus Principle" on the band's MySpace. It's a marvelous song, a perfect album closer, and easily among the best tracks on Animal Factory. Chime in with your thoughts below.)

Written by Thryce | 25.05.2010



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25.05.2010 - 14:35
I listened Visceral on Myspace and everything was very good until the vocals kicked in
25.05.2010 - 16:25
This is more Alternative Rock or even Post-Hardcore than Metal but it's still a high quality output, and the vocals are what I would call "mainstream" and accessible but not at all repulsive. I'm gonna check the whole album.
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25.05.2010 - 17:33
Yes, the vocals are very mainstream (and yes, not repulsive), being in every other metalcore and nu-metal band, so not interesting. But I guess it's mainly a matter of taste
25.05.2010 - 22:43
Darkside Momo
(Be sure to check out "The Icarus Principle" on the band's MySpace. It's a marvelous song, a perfect album closer, and easily among the best tracks on Animal Factory. Chime in with your thoughts below.)

I listened to it.
It all started so mellow that I just forgot about it and read another topic.
And then I'm wondering "why am I feeling so moved and stuff?", and I noticed the song again. And it proved quite interesting and emotional.
I'm gonna check the album.

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