Six Magics - Behind The Sorrow review


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Band: Six Magics
Album: Behind The Sorrow
Release date: February 2010

01. Run
02. Animal
03. Behind The Sorrow
04. Lies And Rules
05. Hands Of Time
06. All My Dreams
07. They
08. No Time To Grieve
09. It's Not The Way
10. I Remember

Ladies and Gentlemen, Metalheads, the court!

(enter the presiding judge, both lawyers, and the court clerk.)

Judge: We are here today to debate and judge the "Six Magics - Behind The Sorrow" case. Clerk, the facts, please.
Clerk: Sure! This band, Six Magics, is from Chile. They released three albums before this one, and play power metal, neither totally original nor flawless, but nonetheless really likeable. Now, their fourth CD called Behind The Sorrow was released in February 2010 by Coroner Records.
Prosecutor: Used to play power metal is closer to the truth… What we've got here is some lame attempt at female fronted pop with a few heavy guitars thrown in for good mesure!
Defense Attorney: You're unfair! We're definitively in metal lands here, but it sure is not power metal. More like heavy metal with a female singer.
P: Singer? She has no conviction, her vocals aren't varied, and she sounds just like a caricature, if anything!
DA: You're unnecessarily harsh with Elisabetz Vasquez. Hey, she's new in the band! Plus, her spoken words are good.
P: Granted. Also, she does sound quite at ease when singing some pop stuff, just like the horrendous "It's Not The Way".
DA: Horrendous? It's a well-made pop song!
P: My point precisely. We're talking metal here, right? Or, if the band wants to play pop, they'd rather make the great jump and not a half-hearted attempt like this one!
DA: And the title track? Isn't it metal?
P: Well, it's one of the few good songs, with some nice guitar work. But seriously, what are the guitar players doing here? Their talent would be best employed elsewhere for sure! Just listen to the soloing in "I Remember", where they just mourn their fallen grandeur…


Judge: Anything to add?
P: Yeah, one word about the production… David Prator, of Images & Words fame, just did a terrible work here, with the keyboards coming from nowhere, the drums too prominent, and this bad old eighties sounding…
DA: What we have here is a courageous band. They tried their best to write and produce an album aimed at a more mainstream audience, and I don't think they failed.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 6
Songwriting: 6
Originality: 4
Production: 5


Written on 06.06.2010 by Once your regular Hellfest reporter, now retired. I (strangely enough) listen to a lot of metal. And enjoy good beers, comics, novels and role-playing games.


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07.06.2010 - 01:39
Lol IT's not that bad!!!
but it's far from a good album,the only song that I dig is Animal.
07.06.2010 - 01:54
Will never check this band anyway (even with a good rating) but the review is great !
07.06.2010 - 02:02
Fat & Sassy!
Creative review! I like it.
You do you, brozzio.
07.06.2010 - 02:11
LeChron James
Written by Fat & Sassy! on 07.06.2010 at 02:02

Creative review! I like it.

hell yeah, that shit was awesome. judging by the rating, im assuming they were either drawn and quartered or DEVOURED BY VERMIN!!1
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07.06.2010 - 02:35
Ag Fox
Angel No More
Nice review. interesting read!
loves 小巫
07.06.2010 - 08:00
Darkside Momo
Thanks for the comments! For once, I did try to write something different

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07.06.2010 - 20:35
Fat & Sassy!
Written by LeChron James on 07.06.2010 at 02:11

judging by the rating, im assuming they were either drawn and quartered or DEVOURED BY VERMIN!!1

You do you, brozzio.
10.06.2010 - 11:34
Retired Staff
Written by Darkside Momo on 07.06.2010 at 08:00

Thanks for the comments! For once, I did try to write something different

With success. Though my final verdict is "pass!".
Your favorite band sucks.

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