Panacea - Humanity Is Heading For Nowhere review


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Band: Panacea
Album: Humanity Is Heading For Nowhere
Release date: 2010

01. Dying Civilization
02. Cases
03. Lost
04. Survived
05. The Pressure
06. Empty Well

Here is a brilliant little gem of extremity that fans of truly abrasive, chaotic and ugly music cannot afford to miss. With Humanity Is Heading For Nowhere, Panacea offer a pure, raw and filthy crust assault that easily stands on its own amongst all of the unholy black metal, unclean death metal and uncompromising grindcore currently corroding our senses.

Panacea's brute, crushing tempo changes and dirty, powerful bottom end completely obliterate the senses: this crust masterpiece provides the kind of vicious impact that scares fashion conscious, suburban metalcore kids shitless and reminds us how relevant the pure expression of urban anguish in music still is. Drawing clues from the likes of His Hero Is Gone, Ekkaia and Undone, the Polish band fuses crust's familiar crude sonic warfare with the long crescendos and guitar feedback-driven noisescape sculptures of Neurosis and Cult Of Luna. Nevertheless, this is primarily an exercise in cathartic, explosive expression, with surges of emotion rising from beneath an onslaught of apocalyptic wrath. Panacea's power can easily be observed in every one of the six tracks on Humanity Is Heading For Nowhere; however, "Cases" makes the best first impression of just how surprisingly intricate the music is beneath the ever-present violence. On top of all this, the vocals are like focused shards of hatred cutting through sonic pollution - definitely amongst the most harsh and acerbic I have heard.

Unfortunately, clocking in at a little below 30 minutes, Humanity Is Heading For Nowhere is entirely too short of a release. Naturally, this just leaves you wanting much more of this addictive wanton destruction. And it just gets better with multiple listens. Panacea is a band that I will definitely follow from this moment on and this, their debut LP, deserves my most honest recommendation.


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28.06.2010 - 12:40
I will definetely buy this album. the begining of "The Pressur" reminds me of In Mourning.
31.08.2010 - 23:39
Ag Fox
Angel No More
I have always been hesitant on checking this out because the review gave the impression that it's super brutal or something. But it turns out I've been completely missing out!

EDIT: I'm referring to the songs that I have listened to on myspace which does not seem to be featured in the album. Is a new record already in the works??
loves 小巫
01.09.2010 - 01:10
hi-fi / lo-life
Written by Ag Fox on 31.08.2010 at 23:39

EDIT: I'm referring to the songs that I have listened to on myspace which does not seem to be featured in the album. Is a new record already in the works??

The new songs on MySpace seem to indeed be a little bit more mellow.

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