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To/Die/For - All Eternity review


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Band: To/Die/For
Album: All Eternity
Release date: 2000

01. Farewell
02. Live In You
03. In The Heat Of The Night [Feat. Alexi Laiho] [Sandra cover] [Japanese bonus]
04. Our Candle Melts Away
05. Dripping Down Red
06. Sea Of Sin
07. Loveless
08. One More Time
09. Mary-Ann (R.I.P.)
10. Together Complete
11. Rimed With Frost
12. Lacrimarum
13. It's A Sin [Pet Shop Boys cover] [Japanese bonus]

To/Die/For is a metal band coming from Finland playing, what we call, Suomi Gothic Metal. What is this genre? Heavy metal guitar riffing and wonderful solos here and there in the compositions, beautiful-sounding keyboard melodies evoking a melancholic/depressive atmosphere, vocals evoking melancholy and sorrow and of course the lyrics pacing with the whole pessimistic/sorrowful feeling of the compositions. To/Die/For know how to write melancholic compositions with poetic lyrics and they do it really well.

Until now they have released three albums, "All Eternity", "Epilogue" and "Jaded" of which three "All Eternity" is the most depressive and most emotional. "All Eternity" consists of inspired heavy guitar riffing along with high-quality drumming, atmosphere-evoking keyboard melodies that add an intense melancholic feeling to the whole album accompanying Jape's sensational and descriptive voice who is interpreting in a vivid way the utterly depressive lyrics. The cover, based on beautiful violet and red colors, of the album with the two lovers whose lips are about to entwine prepare the listener of the intense emotions that will overrun him while listening to "All Eternity".

The album opens with the lovely "Farewell", a composition filled with melancholic emotions of love and devotion being expressed by the inspired guitar riffs, the atmosphere-evoking keyboards and Jape's utterly expressive voice. "Live in You" follows evoking in the air feelings of true love and how much someone can need his beloved one, how precious can a beloved person be. Accompanying guitar riffing and beautiful-sounding keyboard melodies pave the path for Jape to interpret the lovely lyrics in the expressive way only he knows. The album flows in a desperate way with "Our Candle Melts Away" in which the keyboard melodies and guitar chords evoke a desperate feeling with Jape making the whole feeling more intense with his descriptive interpretation evoking pictures of grey in the bleak soundscape.

"Dripping Down All Red" continues the album in a mid-tempo mood with wonderful heavier riffing and sweet-sounding keyboard melodies here and there strengthening the whole atmosphere of the composition. As the album goes on we fall into the "Sea Of Sin", another wonderful composition pacing with the whole atmosphere of the album with some good heavy riffing and keyboard ideas, to slowly reach a "Loveless" situation, an up-tempo but also filled with so much emotion and heavy atmosphere composition based mainly on Jape's expressive interpretation and the accompanying guitar riffs. "When you give me a smile inside of me something dies", "walking hand in hand with you and flowers wither all around" and the heart-rending piano melodies continue the album opening the next song, "One More Time", a composition based on heavy riffing and sweet-sounding piano melodies accompanying Jape's, for one more time, wonderful interpretation expressing in a vivid way the melancholic lyrics.

As "All Eternity" goes on we reach "Together Complete", a song enriched with beautiful atmosphere-evoking keyboard melodies. For one more time the lyrics are exceptional and talk of someone that passed away and longs to feel his beloved one for one more, to be "together complete". The album goes on with "Rimed with Frost" which evokes a cold atmosphere through the poetically written lyrics being wonderfully expressed by Jape's utterly emotional voice. "All Eternity" reaches the end with "Lacrimarum", an emotionally intense composition that throbs with pain. "It is all pain and it is all tears, it is all chaos and it is all fears" sings Jape in a vivid way while the atmosphere-evoking keyboard melodies and acoustic guitar chords accompany him to slowly reach the emotionally charged refrain where Jape's voice harmonizes wonderfully with the ethereal female voice. "Despair lives on and on, lives in everything. Life is just a pain that I will go through…"

"All Eternity" is an album that you will love since you're into depressive/melancholic music.


Written on 26.12.2004 by "It is myself I have never met, whose face is pasted on the underside of my mind."


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29.10.2009 - 00:47
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"All Eternity is an album that you will love since you're into depressive/melancholic music" -- so true. Just listen to "Lacrimarum" and just wallow in melancholy, feels great

I think this is the best album of To/Die/For. It has this unique melancholic atmosphere and sound that makes it memorable amongst the masses of other gothic metal pieces.

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