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Band: The Black Dahlia Murder
Album: Deflorate
Release date: September 2009

Disc I
01. Black Valor
02. Necropolis
03. A Selection Unnatural
04. Denounced, Disgraced
05. Christ Deformed
06. Death Panorama
07. Throne Of Lunacy
08. Eyes Of Thousand
09. That Which Erodes The Most Tender
10. I Will Return

Disc II [Bonus DVD]

The Black Dahlia Murder's Deflorate is a good album. It is raw, chunky, and not afraid to flaunt its sloppiness--three aspects that a metalhead is inclined to find appealing. It isn't, at any moment, boring, and it certainly holds nothing but a sarcastic contempt for the austere. It does, to some extent, remind one of the death metal days of old, in which fun was supposed to be had with inherently unfunny subjects (an outlook that seems like a rarity today, especially among melodeath bands). But let's not get sidetracked here. My point is that Deflorate is a solid, refreshing melodeath album, and fans of melodic death metal (indeed, of extreme metal in general) should definitely give it a listen. Don't make the mistake yours truly made and dismiss the band solely on their popularity and fondness for farts.

Only on a few disappointing occasions does it revert to being "old" Black Dahlia. There are, sadly, a few thinly veiled break-downs (break-downs being one of the most lazy tricks a band can use to muster up head bangs during shows), but overall the album is all but lazy. Ryan Knight (formerly of Arsis), proves once again that he is a master soloist. By no means is he extraordinary, but he brings a sweepy and complex guitar style that The Black Dahlia Murder was in dire need of. He takes tedious riff progression and adds a splash of beauty and technicality. The drums are ridiculously fast throughout, and the bass is bass-like. The musicianship is, in other words, top notch. Trevor Strnad (the vocalist) still, for the most part, sucks, but he brings so much energy and passion to the recordings and, especially, while on stage, that one would be remiss to hold it against him or the band.

Since the band's previous releases have been shaky at best--Unhallowed had some promise but Miasma and Nocturnal hardly escaped the clutches of the sordid-- Deflorate caught me off guard. It demonstrates the beginnings of a true command of the melodeath genre by The Black Dahlia Murder, and I am eager to hear the music they will, inevitably, make in the future.

"Necropolis", "Christ Deformed", and "I Will Return" end up stealing the album and, if you happen to be interested, or, as you should, be looking for some new non-suck melodeath, check them out first.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 9
Songwriting: 9
Originality: 8
Production: 9

Written by wormdrink414 | 01.07.2010


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