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Band: Sarcófago
Album: Hate
Release date: March 1994

01. Intro: Song For My Death
02. Pact Of Cum
03. The God's Faeces
04. Satanic Terrorism
05. Orgy Of Flies
06. Hate
07. The Phantom
08. Rhabdovirus (The Pitbull's Curse)
09. Anal Vomit
10. The Beggar's Uprising

Ah, Sarcófago. Once leaders of the Brazilian metal scene, along with Sepultura, whom they shared a rivalry with that was covered by the press. But enough of that, we're talking about Sarcófago here, one of the first bands who dawned the now iconic black metal visual appearance and musical style in I.N.R.I., as well as their demos. Later, their sound became more tech-death, but was still quite impressive. However, this time we'll be referring to a different chapter of Sarcófago's history.

Hate. First off, we have the band using a drum machine, apparently to try to be the fastest band ever, which is ridiculous, but hey, as long as they make good music. As the album starts with "Intro - Song for My Death" we hear some weird noises and growls before the down-tuned, speeding guitars kick in and Wagner's vocals, and of course - the drum machine. Actually a pretty good introduction, despite the drum machine's blistering speed. In some parts of songs, it tends to slow down to rhythmic banging, but generally there are only few drum patterns, which get old quickly. However, one of the things that greatly detracts from the album's appeal is the fact that the drum machine often overshadows the guitars themselves, sometimes even being briefly inaudible.

Filler tracks are also present in the album, such as "Pact of Cum" and "Orgy of Flies". Most songs also have certain bland parts but are enjoyable (such as the unintentionally humorous "Hate", "The Phantom" and "Satanic Terrorism"). After much incessant pounding and buzzing of the drum machine, we have the cacophonous outro "The Beggar's Uprising", which is quite anticlimactic but somewhat fitting.

In the end, Hate could have been another potential Sarcófago classic had it not been for the repetitive drum machine patterns which overshadow everything else and the quantities of filler. Not recommended for those wanting to get interested in the band, but good to complete collections or if you're looking for a pointless speedfest to headbang to.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 7
Songwriting: 8
Originality: 7
Production: 7

Written by vezzy | 13.07.2010


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13.07.2010 - 17:19
Drum machine addiction. Probably as bad as Mortician's.
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15.07.2010 - 03:47
This album made me giggle more than a black/thrash metal album should. The drum machine is ridiculous enough for a good laugh.
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