Aborted - Goremageddon: The Saw And The Carnage Done review


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Band: Aborted
Album: Goremageddon: The Saw And The Carnage Done
Release date: April 2003

01. Meticulous Invagination
02. Parasitic Flesh Resection
03. The Saw And The Carnage Done
04. Ornaments Of Derision
05. Sanguine Verses (...Of Extirpation)
06. Charted Carnal Effigy
07. Clinical Colostomy
08. Medical Deviance
09. Sea Of Cartilage
10. Nemesis
11. Carnal Forge [Carcass cover] [bonus]
12. Gestated Rabidity [bonus]
13. Voracious Haemoglobinic Syndrome [bonus]
+ Meticulous Invagination [video]

Usually the albums have this "something" that allows most people to like it or despise it no matter what…in this case "Goremaggedon…" doesn't have that little "something", this album I think is not as great as the other Aborted Albums, BUT, for some reason other people think Aborted last album is just their best work ever. I love "Engineering The Dead" and my opinion is "Goremaggedon…" does not get any near to their older work, anyways for this matter I am going to make a different type of review, so here you have…
1.- Insane cover, Goremaggedon cover must be their best cover ever, a "doctor" splattered with blood and some guts is always good, now if that weird doc. Has a saw instead of a hand and petroleum eyes that's way better, I love the cover, is better than "the purity of perversion" (way to gory and shit) and I won't even mention Engineering The Dead. +2 points

2.-Perfect Production, the production is perfectly clean, there is no high-pitched distortions, no bad audio, the mixing is incredible (in charge of Jacob Johanssen). +2 points

3.-Meticulous Invagination, one of the best tracks in the album, and a great video too, we have here is the most awesome drumming in Aborted history, the best riffs and the most irregular bass-lines ever. This song is brutal and not catchy in any single moment, and man what we all love, Guitar solos. +3 points

4.- The Saw And The Carnage Done: Another winner, this song is killer, the intro riff is incredibly amazing, it's catchy, brutal, and when the song starts an incredible drumming starts, an incredible way to use the ride and the hi-hat. This song is truly spectacular.+3

5.- The rest of the songs is not bad at all, some minor flaws and all, but in general the songs are good, and for songs like "Clinical Colostomy", and "Nemesis" I will give 1 point and another extra point. +2 points

No no's
1.-The lyrics are incredibly average, nothing impressive, any gore band can create the same and even better lyrics, nothing different or deep, just gore, gore, gore. -1.5 points

2.-The vocals, that weird high-pitched vocals started good, but after the 5th track it gets insanely boring, the mood of the album breaks down completely from the growl side, but anyway Aborted always uses this vocals, so that is not as bad as the other things. -1 points

3.-The intros, the same thing as mortician (just aborted does not uses movie phrases) when the music is great the last thing you want is to hear a boring medical intro, we want more music, more brutality, no weird impossible to understand intros. -2 points

So we have now 2+2+3+3+2=12, 12-1.5-1-2=7.5, so this says it all "Goremaggedon: The Saw And The Carnage Done" gets 7.5

Written by Herzebeth | 30.12.2004



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12.10.2010 - 22:18
Boxcar Willy
yr a kook
Herz, i am sorry... after hearing this album... New aborted sucks, THIS ALBUM IS AMAZING THE BEST DEATH METAL ALBUM EVER MADE!!!!!!!!!!!
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12.10.2010 - 22:21
Boxcar Willy
yr a kook
Although i must say the intros are awesoem like in metuiculous vagination
"The Doctor... Is In" and then the whole band screams/growls AWESOME!
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30.11.2010 - 17:58
7.5? piss-off man...

To me this is there classic
07.01.2012 - 23:17
Well the gory lyrics don't bother me at all and neither do the carcass-esque medical intros so I can't wait to give it a listen.

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