Terakai - The Last Stand review

Band: Terakai
Album: The Last Stand
Release date: May 2010

01. Intro
02. Divinity Restored
03. What Was Once Light
04. Reflections Of The Past
05. Welcome To The Grave

Recorded: Outhouse Studios, UK 2010
Total Running Time: 19:06

Terakai are a young five piece metalcore act from the UK. The bad news is these boys have the kind of funny haircuts that make people walk into streetlights. The good news is their music is not some warmed-over metalcore template of a band that thinks 2002 is happening all over again. So yeah, we're talking metalcore-newcomer-of-the-year material here, folks.

Actually, this The Last Stand EP is more than bearable. A well-balanced compromise between heavy and melodic is definitely the band's distinctive edge. Terakai's energy and anger are so contagious you'll be as pumped as a shotgun at a redneck's wedding.

Terakai are a band that really drags you into their songs. Sure, they operate according to the procedures as required by metalcore state law, but by adding a distinctive flavor to the mix Terakai easily avoid the pitfalls. The rhythms are catchy without being cheesy. Despite the breakdows the flow stays interesting. Neat guitar work that will make a lot of metal bands jealous. The songwriting is consistently solid. The good cop/bad cop vocal routine relies on a broad range of captivating vocals. Clean melodic singing that doesn't make you want to join the Anti-Emo Alliance... Terakai are all that and more.

I bet some of you are going to say they heard this a few times before... Maybe. I know I can't really think of any names right now. So good for you!

After the full 20 minutes I don't feel queasy to my stomach and want to hear more from this band - two key indicators this is a more than decent release. So go ahead, feel too proud to listen to metalcore. Or just suck it, listen to this promising band and feel a bit funny in your pants. It's the best offer you'll get all day.

Written by Thryce | 20.07.2010



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20.07.2010 - 23:13
Man, you just managed to surprise me. A positive review for a Metalcore band? They must be really good (either that or you may have lost your mind mate, I'll let my ears be the judge of that ).

This coming from you is not a small feat, will check them out then.
21.07.2010 - 01:53
Ag Fox
Angel No More
Just checked their myspace. The clean vocals are still tad bit cheesy, but other than that I approve both the review and the music.
loves 小巫
21.07.2010 - 11:23
Retired Staff
@RocknRaven: where is all this coming from? Let it be clear, I do enjoy (some) metalcore, not all of it, but I'm certainly not a hater. I just don't get that many worthwhile releases on my review plate that often.
Your favorite band sucks.

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