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Band: Fuck The Facts
Album: Unnamed EP
Release date: February 2010

01. [No Title]
02. Loss Upon Loss
03. Wake
04. Time Is A Dictator
05. La Tete Hors De L'eau
06. Doghead

Fuck the Facts are a self-described "mulletcore" band hailing from Ontario, Canada. Originally starting off as a project by Topon Das in 1997, the positive underground feedback made him assemble a full band. And so, plenty of albums, EPs and an outrageous load of splits later, we have their 2010 EP, masterfully titled Unnamed EP.

To begin, let it be known that this is my first time listening to these grind bastards, so I can't speak of any "legacy" or anything that they may/may not have left. That said, what he have here is a formidable attempt at recapturing the essence, simplicity and aggression of old school grindcore while siding it with a pinch of melody, groove and a little decent soloing. Of course, we have the essential speed and forcefulness, but the overall effort is better than your average garage grinders, or say, Mortician. Drumming is largely composed of blast beats, but there are plenty of breaks for other techniques as well. The whole guitar tone is thick and sludgy, but it doesn't get repetitive very easily, as the tempo and liveliness of the music is always shifting, including a melodic interlude ("Time Is A Dictator"). FTF also happens to be fronted by a female vocalist, Mel Mongeon. Her shrieks/growls are kind of generic high-pitched, but they do the job, I guess, although there is a possibility you might find them a bit annoying.

While Fuck the Facts doesn't break any new grounds in this one (nor do they give a fuck about it, it seems, which is where their name comes in handy), it's solid and if you're interested in the genre, go for it. The EP is available for streaming (except for the interlude, which wouldn't be of much interest anyway) on their MySpace.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 9
Songwriting: 8
Originality: 7
Production: 8

Written by vezzy | 08.08.2010


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