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Band: Manticora
Album: 8 Deadly Sins
Release date: October 2004

01. If? (Intro)
02. King Of The Absurd
03. Playing God
04. Melancholic
05. Creator Of Failure
06. It Feels Like The End
07. Enigma
08. Fall From Grace
09. Help Me Like No One Can
10. If, Then... (Outro)
11. Private Hell [Japanese bonus]
12. Spawn Of Darkness [Asian bonus]

The new Manticora, yeah damn I was waiting this new album since a lot of time. I remember when my old webzine mate Dream Taster gave to me, some years before, one of their albums, "Darkness With Tales To Tell". I really liked this one, and evidently I follow the road of this band since this day.
And I think that I wasn't the only one who was waiting "8 Deadly Sins". In fact Manticora plays Power Metal we all know it, but with a lot of progressive touches and I think that the ones who like Power nowadays want maybe something more. Manticora gives it, this is not only some powerful guitars riffs, there is also all these progressives touches and that's new a great and amazing performances of their singer…

Lars F. Larsen the singer of the band is not a bad singer, but he wasn't the best on Earth on all their precedent albums. This time, on "8 Deadly Sins", this is really different, one can say that he did a lot of efforts and his voice is now really incredible. We are not far of the voice of a guy like Hansi Kürsch now, that's very impressive really…
Same for the songs and the different compositions of this album, this is better and better with time, the songs are really catchy, and we can fell some deep in the music, I mean that it's not only a basic Power Metal, this is a good one. The progressive touches are here of course to help the music of the band, but however I will regret the lack of real progressive touches on the album. Of course there are some interesting Keyboards solo, but not a lot of really "tortured" and complex melodies. That's the only bad point of this album I think, this is a bit too much "strict" and with more progressive elements, it could be really better…
But however this album is really interesting and all the compositions played by these talented musicians are very good, and we can't blame the quality of the band through this album, no really Manticora is showing that they are becoming a really important band of the style.
The production, one more time with Manticora is really good and the artworks and layout are simply impressive. The booklet is a great one, this is a work, dudes, nothing more. Congratulation for that…

"8 Deadly Sins" is a great album of Power Metal, that's just too bad that the band forgot to add a bit more of Progressives touches, but over all this album is a damn good album, and this is a real confirmation for the band.
If you were a fan of Manticora, or if you want some great Power Metal, I can only recommend this new album. For sure, you'll like the music of Manticora. Personally I only have a good feeling when I listen to this new album, then why not the same for you?

Written by Jeff | 03.01.2005



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25.08.2006 - 08:22
Jason W.
While I agree with most points on this review, I don't think the band needs 'more' progressiveness in these songs...I'd say that's more of a preference In my view, there isn't a bad moment on this disc, the sound is flawless, and there is genuine drama between the songs. Manticora's best!!
"After silence that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music." - Aldous Huxley
25.08.2006 - 08:48
Account deleted
manticora rule, they dont get the recegnition they deserve.. give them time, theyl be bigger than blind guardian.
11.08.2009 - 15:22
Mountain King
K i K o
Very very very good album...damn they should be more famous!

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