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Band: Mägo De Oz
Album: Belfast
Release date: July 2004

01. Intro (Irish Pub) [Gwendal cover]
02. Belfast [Boney M cover]
03. La Rosa De Los Vientos [Metal version]
04. Dame Tu Amor [Whitesnake cover]
05. Mujer Amante [Rata Blanca cover]
06. Alma [Orchestral version]
07. Más Que Una Intención [Asfalto cover]
08. Dama Negra [Uriah Heep cover]
09. Todo Irá Bien [Elvis Presley cover]
10. Se Acabó [Leño cover]
11. Hasta Que Tu Muerte Nos Separe [orchestral version]
12. Somewhere Over The Rainbow [The Wizard of Oz soundtrack cover]

While you're expecting the new Mago De Oz album (Gaia II), these guys decided to give us a little treat, a big box full of surprises, instead of releasing a "best hits" album, these Spaniards decided to re-record some old songs in new versions and do some cover songs of their favorite bands, the result, is Belfast, a fantastic album, but, we're used to receive only good stuff from Mago De Oz.

I'm gonna describe the album song by song, so no doubt will remain that this is a truly great record. We get the kick off with a intro called "Irish Pub" folky intro with violins, then the title track, a cover of Boney M,."Belfast", a Metal version of "La Rosa De Los Vientos" comes next, and I must say I'm very pleased because this song has great lyrics, and now with the new Metal approach, improves a lot. "Dame Tu Amor" is an excellent song, covering "Guilty Of Love" of Whitesnake, other cover song is next, "Mujer Amante" of the Argentineans Rata Blanca, and I must say that I'm very happy that Mago De Oz did a cover of a South American band.

Next is an orchestral version of "Alma" and I must say the orchestral arrangements are very well done, really boosts the song up! "Más Que Una Intención" is a cover song from their compatriots Asfalto, while "Dama Negra" is a cover of the classic "Lady In Black" from Uriah Heep. A Real surprise was hearing a cover of that Elvis classic, "Can't Help Falling In Love" sung in Spanish under the title "Todo Irá Bien" , the song begans acoustical with some female vocals as back up, and then turns into this excellent Power song, Mago De Oz style!

"Se Acabó" is a cool instrumental with great violins, "Hasta Que Tu Muerte Nos Separe" is my favorite song in the album, an orchestral version of the 1996 song that appears in the "Jesus De Chamberi" album, needless to say this song is just great, has more rock edge rather than the folky touch we're used to hear with Mago De Oz. To end the album we had an acoustical version of "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" taken from the Wizard Of Oz movie soundtrack, a prefect ending for a perfect album. Only one complain, sadly, the English pronunciation of these guys is not very good, my advice: stick with Spanish lyrics please.

This is truly a gift from these guys, 12 great songs with some surprises in the way, believe me if you're a fan of the band, you will love this album, I can't think of a better way to wait until Gaia II is available.

Written by Undercraft | 06.01.2005


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Pierre Tombale
A lame joke?

Is this a lame joke or what? Do Mago De Oz hate their fans now, at least all the fans they could acquire since 'La Leyenda De La Mancha'? Not entirely, but this album is quite a negative surprise.

First off, let's take the postive things into account, since this album is not entirely crap, but we all know way better stuff from this spanish band. 'La rosa de los vientos' one of several self covers, 'Mujer Amante' the Rata Blanca cover, 'Alma' and 'Hasta que tu muerte nos separe' are of very solid appeal, better than good, but not overly grea., 'Dame tu amor' and 'Mas que una intención' are not more than plain good, but what follows is the other 50% of the album and that's mediocre through bad.

published 28.01.2006 | Comments (0)

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