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Bonded By Blood - Exiled To Earth review


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Band: Bonded By Blood
Album: Exiled To Earth
Release date: August 2010

01. 600 A.B. (After The Bomb)
02. Episodes Of Aggression
03. Prototype: Death Machine
04. Prison Planet
05. Genetic Encryption
06. Blood Spilled Offerings
07. Exiled To Earth
08. Parasitic Infection
09. Desolate Future
10. Sector 87
11. Cross-Insemination

Wow, where to start. Well, as a pretty big fan of this "thrash comeback" of sorts, I have to say that after my first listen, I was actually pretty impressed with this album. I love these guys' style of playing, and the way the vocals dance around a little with the music.

On to the details! I will agree with some of you and say that it definitely is not Feed The Beast, and when I heard about this album, and read the concept of it (a concept album based on Earth, 600 years in the future, that is occupied by an alien race called the Crong, and humanity's resistance of that occupation), I was a bit scared. To do a concept album for your second album is risky business, especially when you're part of this "thrash comeback"... the fans tend to be quite picky, and if it doesn't sound like something from 1987, they'll reject you. But I was not disappointed. I like to see a band that can maintain a few of the best things about their first album, showing that they truly do have their own style, and that they'll hold to it. Admirable.

Good thrashy, bouncing guitar riffs supporting Aladdin's somewhat zany vocals, held together by the insanely tight rhythm section and then sprinkled with some thrash-tastic tasty guitar solos that you can't help but admire. I wouldn't go so far as to say that this album is perfect, but it's far from a bad release. There is just something so amazing about a pedaling guitar riff that matches what the double bass is doing, and there's plenty of that to be found on Exiled To Earth. As a fan of fast guitar work and quick picking, shredding leads, I couldn't help but love this album.

Thrash is here folks, and it isn't planning on going anywhere. Overall, Bonded By Blood handled the concept album task very well, having the pummeling assault of thrash combine perfectly with the concept. One can almost imagine a combat scene between man and alien in the streets of L.A. while listening to this album. As always, they employ every member of the band for backing vocals, giving the perfect 80's thrash atmosphere to this sci-fi assault.

If you're in the mood for a thrash album and a sci-fi flick, pop this one in the CD player. This is not the album to overlook. Two thumbs up!

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 9
Originality: 10
Production: 8

Written by Holy Man | 20.08.2010


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20.08.2010 - 22:48
Metal slave
I want to suck this reviews cock
21.08.2010 - 01:44
Me too.
21.08.2010 - 08:58
Edmund Fogg
Nice.From the way you describe it, it should sound like Gama Bomb's Citizen Brain.I think it's a bit early for a review, espacialy if you didn't get a copy before the release date
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21.08.2010 - 12:36
How the hell did you avoid the three month guest review rule?
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21.08.2010 - 13:36
Troy Killjoy
Written by vezzy on 21.08.2010 at 12:36

How the hell did you avoid the three month guest review rule?

FUCK that's definitely my fault.

I was accepting another review for Krypteria at the same time (released in August 2009) and I lumped them both into the same release dates, not realizing this one was 2010, not 2009.
Prettier than BloodTears.
23.08.2010 - 18:00
Holy Man
And either way, I had heard the album streaming on guitar world's website weeks before it was released. And I got it the day it came out as well. And yeah grospwele, it's really right in line with like Gama Bomb and those other thrash bands. I think they held to form quite nicely.

Sorry Troy, hope I didn't get you in trouble.
23.08.2010 - 20:09
It's not the streaming issue. it's that staff keep a 90 day rule on all new releases (time of release, not from the time an album is leaked) just in case the label sends a staffer a copy/request to review it. or, well, we just want to review it on our own.

so lesson learned. don't bother writing reviews for new releases in the future, and Troy will now be Coffee and Donut bitch for the next 90 days at our MS morning meetings.

(and, Troy, i've fucking told you once, i've told you a thousand times - i like my coffee like i take my metal. black. next time you put any of that candy flavored crap in my coffee you'll be wearing it.)

good review, btw.
get the fuck off my lawn.
23.08.2010 - 21:30
Holy Man
Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!! I love it!!! Alright man, i'll keep an eye on that next time. haha. I can't do black coffee... gotta have a little cream...
25.08.2010 - 06:17
Troy Killjoy
Written by BitterCOld on 23.08.2010 at 20:09

and Troy will now be Coffee and Donut bitch for the next 90 days

It's like preschool all over again.
Prettier than BloodTears.
26.08.2010 - 21:44
"As a fan of fast guitar work and quick picking, shredding leads, I couldn't help but love this album."

good way of putting it for me as well
24.12.2010 - 10:25
Unasuming Madnes
Honestly If I was to give this album a rating, it would be just what you gave it. Great review, pretty summed up many of the things I was feeling with this album. I personally find it that its not just enough that this is a concept album, but they've managed to successfully follow what you could call there aggressive ceiling with something left to say other than "where gonna make this one slow and heavy, just for you guys alone at night (aaawooooo)". I really lo ve how the album just kept on keeping mew on the edge of my seat and every time i thought they would be going in a predictable direction, they pull the rug out, rattle the room, or blow out the whole damn wall to refocus your attention on a new musical idea. The fact that they managed to pull this off as a follow up FTB is definitely merit for applaude for me.

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