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Band: Domgård
Album: I Nifelhels Skygd
Release date: June 2010

01. Austawiðuz Sturmaz
02. Niðhöggr
03. Det Mörka Trolska Djupet
04. Svartdraugars Likfärd
05. Strömmen
06. Gravlagt i Skymningsrök
07. Mörkridors Drottning
08. Av Muspells Eldar Krönt
09. Rimfrostens Ande (Fimbulvetr Kap II)
10. Över Niðafjäll Mot Tomhetens Däld
11. I Nifelhels Skygd

Black metal
Frostscald Records

Line-up on the CD:
Vindkall - vocals, guitar, synthesizer
Heljarmadr - guitar, vocals
Hraegelmir - bass, vocals
Hrimner - drums, vocals

Varg Vikernes!

Now that I have your attention... Today we'll be talking about Domgård, a heathen Swedish black metal band promoting "the Chaosophical Cult of Ginn, the Germanic myths of Ymirs anti-cosmic kind and the dark and concealed underworlds".

Oh ya, and church burning. Varg Vikernes? No kidding.

Apparently the members of Domgård served half-a-decade's worth of serious thinking in prison for setting a church or two ablaze in the name of...well, "Chaosophical bladdy blah" and in the meantime, made it a priority to release I Nifelhels Skygd, a rather mediocre album (all things considered, I assure you). Talk about a long-ass timeout.

Of course the band went through a variety of line-up changes (one of the members even opting for a change of scenery) before releasing an underground demo and a split release, as is custom for true necro black metal bands. Yet, for most followers of the black metal scene, the wait for a full-length wasn't exactly worth it. Boasting a recording process of more than 10 years, one would expect something a little less generic and blunt than this.

There are some downright nasty guitar leads to be found in the depths of the murky production, but even technical riffs can't save Vindkall's impotent shrieks. The drums sound sloppy and the synth work reserved mostly for intros and outros is easily forgettable, and somehow this album lasts for a staggering hour. That's 60 minutes of mindless blastbeats, pesky shrieks, and an overall phlegmatic feel.

Despite the occult attitude, a menacing history and years of (I'll assume) hard work, Domgård missed out on their chance to join Dissection and Dark Funeral as Sweden's most notorious black metal bands. Maybe next time around, when/if the band isn't burdened with the minor distraction of serving a jail sentence for arson, we'll see the true potential of Domgård.


Rating breakdown
Performance: 6
Songwriting: 6
Originality: 5
Production: 7


Written on 26.08.2010 by Just another opinionated guy telling you what to listen to.


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26.08.2010 - 17:13
Metal slave
"Varg Vikernes!

Now that I have your attention..."

Great, troy! hahaha
26.08.2010 - 17:24
Koen Smits
A change of scenery
RIP: Frank Vandenbroucke (6 nov 1974 - 12 oct 2009)

Written by Bad English on 05.04.2014 at 15:05

but spoil thius film is like spoil porn and say porn ends whit cum shot ...
26.08.2010 - 22:27
"The Quaker"
Don't like these black metal bands but the cover looks awesome

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