Venin Noir - In Pieces On The Lunar Soil review


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Band: Venin Noir
Album: In Pieces On The Lunar Soil
Release date: 2003

01. Better Days Never Come (Lament - Vessels Of Hope)
02. The Wine
03. Redemption Through Pain
04. A Letter To A Narrow Allegiance
05. Soothe The Wrath Of God
06. Waiting On Your Fall
07. No Meaning
08. The Lunar Soil Pt I - A View To Yesterday
09. The Lunar Soil Pt II - Perfect And Cold

Ok, second effort of Venin Noir from Brazil, the formula is simple, mid paced Gothic Metal with operatic female vocals, no, not Nightwish, think more Rain Fell Within, (although they split-up), anyway, their debut album "Rainy Days Of October" didn't impressed me at all, was a regular album with no great surprises or tricks.

One year later they released this "In Pieces On The Lunar Soil" and I must say I'm very pleased with the outcomes of this album, the band shows a huge improvement from their prior work, the musicianship, the creativity and the songwriting is much better as well, and they added a key element to the mix: aggression, not much, but enough to make it listenable.

I think the best thing these guys did in this album was adding male vocals to the mix, because the voice of soprano singer Larissa Frade can be too much at times, so the male vocals of Pedro Santos are a fresh breath in the album. The addition of choirs on some songs are welcome as well.

The album has many good songs, like the opener "Better Days Never Come", I can't imagine a best opener for this album (the song has great choirs!), we have a great piano solo in "Redemption Through pain" or the catchy melodies on "A Letter To A Narrow Allegiance", and don't forget of the melancholic "No Meaning".

The artwork and graphic layout is top notch as always, the band has this really clean, minimalist style in this designs, which I find very compelling.
Definitively Venin Noir are a band that knows the word evolution, and they proved that to us in this album, because this album is a total improvement from their debut effort, for those curious to find about this Brazilian band, get this album right away.

Written by Undercraft | 12.01.2005



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