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Band: Minas Morgul
Album: Eisengott
Release date: October 2009

Disc I [CD]
01. Einleitung
02. Der letzte Tag
03. Sohnes Faden
04. Minas Morgul
05. Eisengott
06. Rot
07. Totes Leben
08. Sinn und Ziel
09. Hüter der Zeit
10. Wende

Disc II [DVD]
01. Intro - Prolog
02. Aus Blut gemacht
03. Eyn Meyster des Blutes
04. Todesschwadron Ost
05. Intro - Aufzug des Heeres
06. Ein Stück Sterben
07. Eisengott
08. Mit den Wölfen ziehend
09. Wie es uns gefällt
10. Der Sonne entgegen
11. Rasse Mensch
12. Blut und Eisen

Pagan Black Metallists Minas Morgul have returned with their latest torrent of crushing metal aptly named Eisengott that translates to Iron God. After a two year break and with a lead vocalist change, they chargeback into the metal world with a fast paced album that sends your senses into a whirlwind panic and your metal meter into a heightened rush that calms your metal addiction. Eisengott is my first trespass into the land of Minas Morgul and I was very pleased that I found myself into this album right away. As with all vocalist changes the band has to change as well and, I think that the transition from Nazgul to Rico was met with success. Rico fits the format for Eisengott, which is good a thing and I hope it carries to future albums.

Eisengott has what all fans of this genre need, and that is extreme guitar riffs, and deafening blast beats followed up with Rico's growling vocals completing the process that you need for a run at a serious follow up to 2007's Aus Blut Gemacht. The album starts off with the very fast paced Der letzte Tag that instantly had me wishing I had my long hair again and is followed up with Sohnes Faden which expands on the fast paced direction Eisengott is headed in. The album is predictable throughout and does not get much better until Rot, which slows the album down somewhat, but I think is a great track that breaks up the album a bit.

Eisengott is no Todesschwadron Ost, but they still manage to pull out a torrent of fast bass leaden songs that all carry their own tone. The production is really good and it is not often you can hear the bass throughout an entire album. All in all Eisengott is a solid album and in a genre that is fully saturated with new releases this one holds its own. The entire album is sung in German which I think helps with the ambiance, and I prefer bands to sing in their native language and not forced to sing English.

My personal favorites:

Der letzte Tag
Minas Morgul

Rating breakdown
Performance: 9
Songwriting: 9
Originality: 7
Production: 10

Written by fade | 01.10.2010



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01.10.2010 - 14:44
Edmund Fogg
Mmh...I don't know listening to the myspace player, and I don't see anything unique or original.I know it's not the complete album on there but it gets boring quite fast
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02.10.2010 - 09:15
I Hate You
I actually like this album. I wouldn't give all the points that the review did, but still a good album. One thing that really stood out to me, in a really annoying way, is how the bass is out-of-tune with the guitars in Rot. It's slight, and not even apparent during certain parts of the song. But when it pops up, I cringe.

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