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Finntroll - Midnattens Widunder review


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Band: Finntroll
Album: Midnattens Widunder
Release date: 1999

01. Intro
02. Svartberg
03. Rivfader
04. Vätteanda
05. Bastuvisan
06. Blodnatt
07. Midnattens Widunder
08. Segersång
09. Svampfest

I guess this is the weirdest band I've heard in a long time, I thought Finntroll was a Black Metal band but after hearing Midnattens I really do not know which genre they are, a mixture of Black, Folk, even a slight spice of gothic Metal, and some other elements I can't describe.

The album in execution (instruments) is quite average if you ask me, nothing really complex or outstanding, but that's only when you pay attention to just one instrument, the thing is that when you hear everything together sounds impressive, that is what makes Finntroll a different band actually, a lot of simple riffs combined with nice keyboards, which by the way is the most important instrument in this album (the keyboards pack Midnattens with all kind of atmospheres and incredible feelings), the bass-lines are not awesome or anything (in fact there are few songs where you can actually "hear" the bass-lines) and the drumming is ok, so when I say that what matters is the instruments combined I mean it.

The 7th Track "Midnattens Windunder" is the best one, with simple fast paced riffs, and again (as in every other track) the keyboard makes the best job for the song, the vocals are very good actually and the drums in that intro are very good (the only really impressive drumming in the entire album) the song transports you to a very grim and dark atmosphere, a great song; Vätteanda is another amazing song, the best intro in Midnattens with a very catchy guitar riff and those short screams are just remarkable (specially the one in the 0:12 second), so both songs are very good, the best ones in this album actually, unfortunately the other tracks are in a way very similar (a few minor changes) but after a while hearing this album becomes a little tedious.

So I am willing to hear other Finntroll albums (specially Jaktens Tid which I've heard is their best work); anyway Midnattens Windunder did not impressed me that much, the songs are good and the keyboard is really splendid, but the music per-se is not a huge triumph, this is not an album that you can hear two times in a row or even two times in a week, check the album if you want, at least it's a little different, but let me tell you one thing do not expect cutting edge music or inconceivable musicians as I did.

Written by Herzebeth | 21.01.2005



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22.02.2007 - 08:42
Danny Thomas
not a bad review from an outside perspective. i disagree with your comment about it being tedious after the second listen. i think it actually grows on you, and i find it more enjoyable with each listen. oh btw, jaktens Tid is indeed an amazing album. i'd check out all of their stuff i.e. nattfodd, trollhameren ep, and even the acoustic visor om slutet.
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18.05.2009 - 19:56
Liver Failure
...this is not an album that you can hear two times in a row or even two times in a week...

This is exaggerated. I agree that this is not their best work, and the music is not that big deal, but it is sure enjoyable more than one listen.

Still, is weird why I don't like this album so much. The extreme riffs, the folk parts, the catchiness... it is all there, but I still can't find this album good.

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28.08.2016 - 23:41
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