Ophelia - Do Sympathy With Your Fantasy

01. January - Dream Within A Dream
02. February - Mirror Lake
03. March - Spring
04. April - Object Petit A
05. May - Water Deep
06. June - Chant Of The Night
07. July - Floating And Drowning
08. August - Misty Forest
09. September - Ophelia
10. October - Calm
11. November - Same Moment, Different Dream
12. December - A Walk To Remember
13. Undecimber - Communis

Ophelia is a band I discovered by mistake and what made me even more curious is the fact that they are from Korea, I don't know anything about the scene over there so it seemed a good chance to find out at least to the extent of a single band. As far as I know, Do Sympathy With Your Fantasy is their debut album and I have to admit I was pretty much amazed by the overall outcome. After all, it has many things to present to the fans of atmospheric scene since it breathes ambiance, it steps upon barren soil and makes gardens of emotion bloom.

So, how does the band sound like? Well, take into concideration:

1) Theatre Of Tragedy's most atmospheric moments on the same-titled album and Velvet Darkness They Fear and Liv Kristine Espanaes' long-lost vocal memories that come forth through Yui's interpretation.
2) Atmospheric doom metal acts just like The 3rd And The Mortal from their first EP and Tears Laid In Earth debut.
3) Estatic Fear's A Sombre Dance.
4) Shoegaze references.
5) Shades of avant-garde.
6) Korean tradition.

Yet beware, all these references will get you only an idea of what to expect. What's more important is the fact that the band boils its influences so well that all that remains is only a floating element (except for the Liv Kristine reference) which is being devoured gently by the song structure of Ophelia that manage to offer something quite personal in the end. Worth mentioning is the fabulous and accurate musicianship, being at the same time more technical than a whole lot of European/American acts in the scene, without getting lost in translation.

Despite its 80 minutes of duration that one could logically think would tire, Do Sympathy With Your Fantasy tends to keep the interest of the listener at high peaks due to the overwhelming atmosphere, the great inspiration, the fragile emotions, even the cinematic flow of the album that unfolds like an internal journey. One could also say that it may sound monotonous after 80 minutes, well, the answer is no, even if the main sound core is the same, the ideas are so many that you won't find it repetitive. Ophelia consumes you with their vastly emotional orchestrations, the violin, the beautiful piano/keyboard passages, the ethereal and sweet-sounding female vocals that stick to mind like honey, the limited but to the point devouring grunts/howls and the guitars that keep an atmospheric, floating, heavy or talented, acoustic role until they rarely burst into inspired solos that breathe melody.

The whole act is being seperated in three parts, "Introduction" (January, February, March, April), "Body" (May, June, July, August, September) and "Conclusion" (October, November, December, Undecimber). As the album flows you will find yourself starring at the change of months/seasons through the looking glass and on the sound portrait various colours will offer wholeheartedly all the faces of melancholy, parading one by one, ranging from sweet to bitter and vice versa. You will also feel longing, hospitality, hope, gloom, threat, all those grey and bright emotions/senses that fight one another through the whole duration of the year, struggling for balance, something Ophelia achieved in the most theatrical, expressive manner.

As for highlights? Hell no, find the time and the mood to listen to it as a whole, I'm pretty sure it will reward you in the most appropriate way, although, despite being good, a slightly better production would have launched the album to a new moon. Anyway, according to me, Ophelia managed to offer the best atmospheric gothic/"doom" metal of 2010 so far, a well-kept secret, a sparkling gem everyone should cherish, somewhere inbetween the burdened landscape and the fertile sunrays.


Performance: 10
Songwriting: 9
Originality: 8
Production: 8


Written on 11.10.2010 by
"It is myself I have never met, whose face is pasted on the underside of my mind."
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advent - 11.10.2010 at 04:08  
Good review , will check the album as soon as possible
Got Mayhem? - 11.10.2010 at 04:36  
Definitely sounds like something worth checking out, thanks!
Fat & Sassy! - 11.10.2010 at 06:47  
Sounds sexy. Good review.

OH. And... is it your job to write reviews, cus you've been cranking them out like crazy lately, dude. :O
bluegreengod - 11.10.2010 at 06:56  
Never heard of this band and will have to check it out. Nice review...although I was honestly wondering what the hell kind of music this even is until the last sentence.
advent - 11.10.2010 at 07:35  
I gave the album 2 spins till now , and it's pleasant surprise for me , although i didn't like the vocals , it's respectful effort and musicianship , and thanx for reviewing this band or i would never hear about them.
Marcus - 11.10.2010 at 08:42  
Wow, this album is absolutely killer. Great find Der.
annodomini - 11.10.2010 at 09:01  
If we count an old Gothic/Doom scene, than this album is the best in some 5 years, if not more. I just adore those vocals. Amazing stuff.
Dark Blood - 11.10.2010 at 11:34  
Good review. This is very nice from what I've heard. I'll get it for sure. Thanks for sharing your thoughts man
BudDa - 11.10.2010 at 11:59  
"Do Sympathy With Your Fantasy"? erm..ok..lol
Will most definitely check it out. Good review..
DerRozzengarten - 11.10.2010 at 12:55  
@Fat & Sassy!: i'm nuts it's been a long time since i wrote a review on metalstorm, so you could say i'm happy being back hope you enjoy the album!

@everyone who liked it or found it amazing or something: thanks i'm very glad!
GT - 11.10.2010 at 14:38  
Yeah really sounds like something worth checking out
MeTalRea|istiK - 11.10.2010 at 17:09  
Performance: 10
Songwriting: 9
Originality: 8
Production: 8

looking forward to it!!
Marcus - 11.10.2010 at 18:31  
Written by BudDa on 11.10.2010 at 11:59

"Do Sympathy With Your Fantasy"? erm..ok..lol
Will most definitely check it out. Good review..

It's in Korean, so it's a pretty rough translation. I've heard a bunch of different title translations so far.
BudDa - 11.10.2010 at 18:36  
Written by Marcus on 11.10.2010 at 18:31

It's in Korean, so it's a pretty rough translation. I've heard a bunch of different title translations so far.

Oh, ok..I had no idea
how would u loosely translate it in English..
Marcus - 11.10.2010 at 20:45  
Written by BudDa on 11.10.2010 at 18:36

Written by Marcus on 11.10.2010 at 18:31

It's in Korean, so it's a pretty rough translation. I've heard a bunch of different title translations so far.

Oh, ok..I had no idea
how would u loosely translate it in English..

I'm gonna be honest, I'm not too sure, but it seems to be something around the lines of Pity your fantasy, or have sympathy for your fantasy. Sort of like it being a shame that you can have these great fantasies that will never be achieved, something like that.
seafood - 11.10.2010 at 21:38  
Listnening now, sounds great so far.. thumbs up for reviewing bands like this
Lovecraft - 12.10.2010 at 15:53  
I will probably listen to this. Sounds really cool.
Angel_Lament - 14.10.2010 at 17:21  
Very nice review, but how can I get this album????
Zmaj Ognjeni Vuk - 14.10.2010 at 19:59  
Google will find rapidshare (or something similar) links.
BellTower - 21.10.2010 at 12:05  
A great review.

I'm enjoying the album; creates a different atmosphere, the piano melodies are very good imo.
I don't mind the vocals, but I couldn't help but think if it would sound better with a stronger vocalist (maybe).
*!* - 27.10.2010 at 13:33  
Very good album....but i think it would of been perfect if they done more songs like track '11. November - Same Moment, Different Dream' i mean more growling.

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