Silent Force - Infatuator review


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Band: Silent Force
Album: Infatuator
Release date: 2001

01. Infatuator
02. Fall Into Oblivion
03. Hear Me Calling
04. Promised Land
05. We Must Use The Power
06. All Guns Blazing [Judas Priest cover]
07. Cena Libera
08. Gladiator
09. The Blade
10. Last Time
11. World Aflame
12. In Your Arms
13. Northern Lights

Silent Force is a relatively unknown band to the legions of metal fans around the world. I must say that I really liked the band the first time i heard them. The music can be described as Power Metal, though definitely a very good brand of Power Metal mixed with obvious neoclassical influences by the German guitar virtuoso Mr. Alex Beyrodt.

In their second album Infatuator Silent Force reflect influences of Judas Priest with some fast beats of Helloween mixed with the neoclassical shredding of guitar gods like Timo Tolkki and Yngwie Malmsteen. Even a cover of the famous Priest song "All Guns Blazing" can be found on this album. Another highlight of this band is the ex singer of Royal Hunt, Mr. DC Cooper! A great vocalist by all means. Just listen to his high screams and piercing vocals on the title track and the Judas Priest cover, one of the highest vocal performances in all the band's discography. DC also shows his soft side in the amazing ballad "In Your Arms." "Infatuator" is definitely the best song on the album but other highlights include "The Blade," "World Aflame," "Fall Into Oblivion," "In Your Arms," "All Guns Blazing" & the last track "Northern Lights," a soothing instrumental which is reminiscent of Malmsteen's classic guitar pieces. I recommend this album to fans of heavy, power and progressive metal as it contains all the elements to please fans of those genres. Amazing guitar intros and solos, great double bass drums, perfectly crafted vocals. If you're new to the band then i recommend to check their 3rd album Worlds Apart which is still my favorite Silent Force album to date.

All in all i think this is a very decent release, and it doesn't really sound like anything other bands did. If you like guitarist Alex Beyrodt then i would advise you to check his newest project Voodoo Circle with Mat Sinner (Primal Fear, Sinner) on bass guitar and David Readman (Ex Pink Cream 69, Adagio) on Vocals. I think this band needs more recognition, cause everyone who listened to them fell in love. Don't hesitate to pick this album.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 10
Songwriting: 9
Originality: 8
Production: 9

Written by Mountain King | 27.10.2010


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