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Band: Green Carnation
Album: The Quiet Offspring
Release date: February 2005

01. The Quiet Offspring
02. Between The Gentle Small & The Standing Tall
03. Just When You Think It's Safe
04. A Place For Me
05. The Everlasting Moment
06. Purple Door, Pitch Black
07. Childsplay Part I
08. Dead But Dreaming
09. Pile Of Doubt
10. When I Was You
11. Childsplay Part II

We are lucky in this beginning of this year 2005. After the release of the new albums of some major bands like Dark Tranquillity, Grave Digger or Kreator, now this is the turn of one of the most famous and original band of the Metal scene, Green Carnation. After two years the Norwegian combo will present us its new release, "The Quiet Offspring", their 4th one. If their precedent albums were really original and not really easy of access, this time the band maybe took a new road. I think that "The Quiet Offspring" could become the "open" album, the one that every metal heads on Earth could enjoy.

More Progressive than anything else.... Of course, like always some parts of the music are a bit dark and can be compared to the music of some bands like Katatonia, but the majority of the songs are more Heavy Progressive and don't really sound Doom this time. Green Carnation always plays its really specific dark and original music, but we all know it, Green Carnation is Green Carnation, something more original than anything else… Light Of Day, Day Of Darkness", their 2nd album, will always stay like the masterpiece of the band, something really incomparable, and "The Quiet Offspring" can't be compared to this album. In fact, "The Quiet Offspring" is at the opposite something more easy of access. That's not hard to understand, when you'll put your album in your stereo you'll hear that the band did this time something more catchy than complex. In two words, "The Quiet Offspring" will be the album for everybody, the album with some perfect songs for the live show etc. Don't misunderstand me, "The Quiet Offspring" is definitely not a commercial album, at the opposite, but this is just easier of access, more "rock "n" roll" in the spirit. But don't worry, the new album is a good one, the songs are always in the spirit of Green Carnation, and some killer songs like the sad ballad "Childsplay Part I" or some songs a bit heavier like "Between the Gentle Small & the Standing Tall" give a lot of variation to the album, and evidently when we know the quality of this musicians, we already know that all that must be perfectly played and written… And that's the case…
The production is one more time really good, that's hard to say something wrong with this guys anyway, and as an example I will only give you this few words which are featured in the booklet, "48-mastering was used for the recording of the album. HRS, High Resolution Sound". In addition with the really good and enigmatic artwork of the cover, we can't expect something better… Anyway do you really want something more?

The new Green Carnation is maybe not their best one in my opinion, but it's a really good album, which will give the luck to a lot of you to discover the band, and certainly to fall in love with their music. It's a real challenge to do something more accessible, but it can pay and time will tell if it was a good choice or not. In my opinion and when I listen to this album, I have no doubts that it will be one more time a real success.

Written by Jeff | 01.02.2005


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Demonic Tutor
In our times dominated by Death, Black and Power metal bands, it's always refreshing to encounter sheer originality in a band hailing from Scandinavia. Green Carnation originates from Norway and has a solid lineup including legendary musician Tchort. But after all, Norway brought us the most original bands in the recent past with Winds, Pagan's Mind or Jorn; and Green Carnation belongs to that same category of artists albeit their music is more oriented Prog/Heavy than the aforementioned bands. The new Prog/Heavy prodigies are back with their highly anticipated album, "The Quiet Offspring".

published 26.07.2005 | Comments (1)


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06.07.2007 - 13:15
I'm surprised no-one commented on this album. I agree with ur review Jeff, I find it very accurate in your analysis of the sound and the musicians. Its also in my opinion not their best, "a blessing in disguise" tops "the quiet offspring" in my opinion.

Green Carnation's music is the most beautiful thing u'll ever find. It saddens me that very few ppl pay attention to them. But oh well, I can always keep them all for me
Written by BloodTears on 19.08.2011 at 18:29

Like you could kiss my ass.
22.06.2011 - 02:27

"The Quiet Offspring" will be the album for everybody

Agree with that, almost everything is in their place.
But I rather it would be more mysterious, cause it has the capability.

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