Creation's Tears - Methods To End It All review


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Band: Creation's Tears
Album: Methods To End It All
Release date: 2010

01. Another Collision
02. I Fail
03. Creation's Tears [feat. Sarah Jezebel Deva]
04. Odyssey (Opus IX)
05. I'm Falling (You'll Never Know)
06. Parody Paradigm
07. The Last Tear Is Cried For Romance
08. No Saviour Here
09. Untimely Reminder

The United Kingdom has a huge history concerning gothic rock/metal, why? Because The Sisters Of Mercy, The Mission, Fields Of The Nephilim and Nosferatu along with many batcave/post punk/wave bands that hail from this specific part of the earth set the basis; and this is only the gothic rock part of the story. As for gothic metal I need to mention only one band, Paradise Lost, the hierophants of the genre.

What do the newcomers Creation's Tears have in common with that statement? A lot, believe me, you'll find well-hidden gothic rock driven passages in here that separate themselves from the traditional sound since they blend with a heavier edge and a Paradise Lost vibe (offering a more organic yet modern still approach) that couldn't be missing since Lee Morris stands behind the drums. The rest of the band are Brian and Steve Reynolds (on vocals/guitar and bass respectively) and Conor McCormick on the guitars as well, along with the guest appearance of Sarah Jezebel Deva.

There might be Paradise Lost references as stated above, yet don't count Creation's Tears into the clone department, you will notice some leads/melodies and some vocal lines at moments that resemble to that specific one of the UK three, but what the band has to present is beautiful melodic gothic rock/metal that will accompany the listener in a gentle manner for about 36 minutes through its 9 compositions. They've been around for enough years, yet I referred to them as newcomers since their debut work, Methods To End It All, was released this year through Cure For Poison.

There are quite enough good parts in here, first of all the duration; it doesn't get the chance to tire the listener. Then comes the sound harmony, the band knows well how to keep the sound in welcome amounts of balance without tending to sound monotonous. And last but not least the well-interpreting musicianship, the gentle production, the inspiration, the guitar work, the acoustic passages and the soloing moments, the mainly melodic vocals with a slightly hoarsing Holmes-esque aesthetic (some grunting ones too on "Ultimately Reminder") and the pulsating rhythm section which holds tight the compositions.

Concluding, as 2010 slowly reaches the end, Creation's Tears' Methods To End It All is a very good opinion on how gothic rock/metal should be played, with emotion, melody and desired amounts of heaviness. A good option for everyone in the scene with both an open mind and ear, you may proceed.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 9
Songwriting: 8
Originality: 7
Production: 8


Written on 10.12.2010 by "It is myself I have never met, whose face is pasted on the underside of my mind."

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