Avulsed - Yearning For The Grotesque review


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Band: Avulsed
Album: Yearning For The Grotesque
Release date: February 2003

01. Wormeaten
02. Devourer Of The Dead
03. Pale Red Blood
04. Sick Sick Sex
05. Daddy Stew
06. I Feel Good... Eating Human Flesh
07. Foetivorous Marriage
08. Morbid Chef
09. Cadaver Decapitado
10. Decrepit Sigh

Okay first of all I had never even heard of this band before I got this album off the internet! I got this album and listened to it over and over again and never got tired of it! This is probably the best album of this kind I have ever heard!

I urge everyone who likes old school death metal vocals and melodic death side to go buy this release right away! The have amazing guitars and they vary a lot in every song. I was blown away by the singer's vocals, he can sing in an old school way without making you sick or making you bored on the second track. This release is solid and will make you get chills with songs like 'Pale Red Blood' (this song has the coolest little arabic intro and a cool guitar riff to follow along).

To me the best songs on the album are 'Pale Red Blood' for the variations in style and guitars; 'Sick Sick Sex' for the brutality while still keeping melody; and of course the song 'Cadaver Decapitado' which is simply amazing in every possible way!

The last song on this album has this "je ne sais quoi" side to it. It's a distinct song from the rest of the album. I would say that I see a more Doom side to it, but I would never call it Doom.

Overall this album deserves 9/10 because nothing can be perfect!

Written by yosterdude | 15.03.2005


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