Dreamaker - Enclosed review


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Band: Dreamaker
Album: Enclosed
Release date: March 2005

01. I Live My Own Life
02. Reverse Universe
03. Over The Edge
04. Living In Fear
05. The End Of Your Suicide
06. Innocent Blood
07. W.W 666
08. Face To Face
09. Enclosed
10. Perfect Soul
11. Take Me Higher
12. Promised Heaven
13. So Far Away From Home [Japanese bonus]

The three x-Dark Moor band members Elisa C. Martin (Vocals), Albert Maroto (Guitars), and Jorge Saez (Drums) released their debut with Dreamaker in 2004 "Human Device", an album that wasn't that far from what they had been doing in Dark Moor, and I was really wondering why they left Dark Moor anyway since the music was so alike. They said it was because of "different music directions", but we couldn't hear anything of that on the debut. But now Dreamaker has released their second album "Enclosed" and now I see why and now I understand why these three left Dark Moor, because this album ladies and gentlemen is very different from Dark Moor.

The major difference between Dark Moor and the first release of Dreamaker and "Enclosed" is that "Enclosed" is much heavier and Thrashy. The music isn't Symphonic Power anymore; it's far from that. I would guess that this is the hardest the music can get and still be called Power Metal. In my eyes it's brilliant and finally Dreamaker has taken a step that will bring them away from the swamp under Dark Moor with which they'll unfortunately forever be compared too.

On "Enclosed" you'll get Thrash-riffing guitars; growl, fast and heavy music with Elisa singing in a way I never expected she could. Everything is better with Dreamaker, and I mean everything. Sure "Human Device" was a good album and we had two natural successors to the last Dark Moor album with Elisa on vocals, but now I don't think we need that. Dark Moor is doing just fine with Alfred on vocals, so this evolvement is good for Dreamaker, good for Dark Moor and most important to both bands, good for us music lovers.

"Enclosed" begins with "I Live My Own Life" that I think is a great way to start the album because you can understand with just reading the title that something is different. Dreamaker finally has broken free from Dark Moor and living their own life. The song itself is a good one and you can hear what to expect of the album even if it's not the most spectacular song on the album, but it's a good introductory period.

Among the songs I'm holding as favorites you'll find "W.W.666", "Perfect Soul" and "Over the Edge". All of those are heavy but still Melodic and you'll get Elisa's new way of singing but you'll also hear the voice that she's so famous for, also in all this you'll get growl-song with Kantz (Coil Box). The production is great too I promise you (I just bought new headphones and I can hear that the production is crystal clear and it manage to bring out every instrument without ruin for another).

A part that every review should contain is the bad parts the album has because very few albums are so perfect that there isn't anything you could complain about. "Enclosed" is no exception even if it's close to perfect in my ears. One thing is the quality on the material is not bad, but some of the songs are just a bit boring and you won't get this exiting feeling you'll get while listening to one of the best tracks, and that's too bad. This album could be close to perfect otherwise, but I'm sure it will come in the future. We shall remember that this is the first album in this "new" "genre" Dreamaker does, so they'll need time to settle in, otherwise I don't have much more to complain about everything is so much better than last time.

But overall I've to say that "Enclosed" are way much better than its precursor and it's so different and actually I wouldn't like to say that they belong together, because Dreamaker seems like a whole new band since last year. This might be one of the best "Power Metal" albums this 2005 has to offer, and Dreamaker has easily made it even with Dark Moor since the last releases (if you remember, I gave Dark Moor 1-0 after the last releases, but now it's 1-1 and Dreamaker got the ball on their side).

Check Out: "W.W.666", "Perfect Soul", "Over the Edge" & the "ballad" "Take Me Higher".

Written by Malcolm | 15.03.2005


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