Nadiwrath - Nihilistic Stench review


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Band: Nadiwrath
Album: Nihilistic Stench
Release date: January 2011

01. Darkness Has Lost Its Meaning
02. Two Face Shit Fuckers
03. Horns
04. There Is No Light
05. Another Pimping Whore
06. Winter Nights
07. Eyes Full Of Vengeance
08. Memories Are Dead

Nadiwrath, a Greek Satanic black metal outfit, formed back in 2007 to "spread black metal propaganda" as the band puts it. After a few line-up changes and a demo release (and subsequent re-release on tape) all in the same year no less, the band is here with their full-length debut: Nihilistic Stench.

With song titles such as "Two Face Shit Fuckers" and "Another Pimping Whore", one shouldn't expect archetypal black metal - and they'd be right to expect different. Nihilistic Stench is a punk-inspired blackened thrash metal album in vein of Carpathian Forest and modern Darkthrone (coincidentally two of the band's more significant influences), with melodies that draw forth comparisons to Deströyer 666 and Impaled Nazarene. They don't necessarily surpass any of these bands in their respective styles, but Nadiwrath is far from a poor man's band.

Vocalist Wrath (not of Enochian Crescent) fulfills his role more than admirably, bringing an added level of extreme energy to the album that matches and possibly even outdoes Maelstrom's tactful yet chaotic drumming. The fast-paced assault continues throughout the album, finally slowing down briefly with the concluding track, "Memories Are Dead", though it is far from ballad material. Wrath again proves his capability as a talented and poignant shrieker with this 9-minute journey into despair, and the band's cohesive songwriting talents are better put on display than in any of the album's previous offerings.

Nihilistic Stench's greatest downfall is its fun factor. While raging with spite and aggression, the chosen riffs through most of the album detract from Wrath's serious wailing, limiting the listener in terms of detecting atmosphere. These Greeks have created what should garner attention for debut black metal album of the year (already, I know), but there is a need for improvement in terms of overall atmosphere. Perhaps once Nadiwrath obtain worldwide interest - and not just from Dodsferd fans checking out a side project - the band members will feel more confident in their abilities and unleash a masterpiece of modern black metal.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 8
Originality: 7
Production: 8


Written on 19.01.2011 by Just another opinionated guy telling you what to listen to.


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19.01.2011 - 23:28
Nice. I like to spread Black Metal Propaganda too.
01.02.2011 - 16:58
Overall this is actually one of the slightly better Black Metal albums I've heard in some time. I like their sound....but I still would not call them groundbreaking or anything. They're good for a fun listen occasionally.

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