DGM - Hidden Place review


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Band: DGM
Album: Hidden Place
Release date: 2003

01. A Day without The Sun
02. Save Me
03. Hidden Place
04. Invisible Rain
05. Storm # 351
06. Heaven
07. Alone
08. Blind!!
09. Age Of The Flame
10. Winter Breeze

The fourth release of these Italian Progressive masters shows such an improvement! Now signed with Scarlet Records, DGM pushed things up a notch, what a great release! With "Hidden Place" they have created their own sound and distanced from the Symphony X clone label, The singer, Titta Tani, has such an amazing vocal range! And the musicianship… wow! These guys really know how to play this stuff!, The production is really good, you can hear perfectly every instrument. Technically, DGM is perfect.

So, this sound greats (great production), looks great (Amazing Cover art), so… does it feels right? The album kicks off with "A day Without the sun" Incredible track! Really shows the bands potential and warms things up for the second track, "Save Me" is one of the best songs in the album, nice chorus, simply amazing guitar solo, and has a nice piano near the end of the song.

Things slow down now… through the rest of the album, the aggressiveness of the first 2 songs is gone, except in some intros, like "Heaven" this song starts at furious speed, and the slows down, then speeds up, then slows down, but the initial aggressiveness is by far the best part of the song (although this song has an amazing bass line!), don't get me wrong the song is great, but is the best example of what is lacking in this album, more aggressiveness.

But don't worry this is a great album, and it has more killer tracks! "Invisible Rain" is a amazing ballad that make me kinda sad every time I listen to it. The 2 closer tracks, "Age of the flame" has a really cool jazz break in the middle of the song, and "Winter Breeze" starts slow and with an acoustical atmosphere, then kicks off ,and near the end of the song Titta surprises all with a really good black metal scream! (amazing!)

All prog fans will be very happy with this release by the Italian quintet, maybe it lacks some power, but the musicianship really compensate that.

Written by Undercraft | 12.04.2005


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