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Beyond Twilight - Section X review


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Band: Beyond Twilight
Album: Section X
Release date: 2005

01. Be Careful It's My Head Too
02. The Path Of Darkness
03. Shadow Self
04. Sleeping Beauty
05. The Dark Side
06. Portrait F In Dark Waters
07. Ecstasy Arise
08. Section X

To be honest, I just discovered Beyond Twilight with their new album Section X, and I'm ashamed, first because I like Progressive Metal but also because one of my favourite singers Jorn Lande was the singer on their first album "The Devil's Hall Of Fame" and I don't know how I was missing it. But anyway all that is just history now, Jorn sings with Masterplan and if it was needed to find a new singer at least they found an amazing one, Mr Kelly Sundown Carpenter, and the 2nd album of the band, Section X will become a classic…

If you want some good Progressive metal my friends we have something here, trust me… This album is, like the precedent one, a concept album born in the "disturbed" mind of Finn Zierler the keyboardist and main compositor of the band. His compositions are tortured and dark a bit in the spirit of Evergrey but just imagine it with in addition some touches of Savatage. Yeah you get it well the music of Beyond Twilight is really original, a Progressive Metal really unconventional and this album deserves all your attention you can trust me.
The height songs of the CD are really surprising and awesome, the melodies will guide you through a fantastic journey, something dark and but also beautiful and the mix between some passages really heavy and some others of classical music are amazing.

This album is great ok, but I suppose that you're all wondering if Kelly Sundown Carpenter is as good as Jorn and my answer is: yes... definitely. This man is a great singer, his really particular voice is excellent and in addition of the good melodies driven by the keyboards I must admit that we are near of the perfection, actually I only regret the number of the songs only 6 actually if we remove the intro and "Portrait F In Dark Waters" which is a short instrumental.

But the production is great the recording is excellent the artworks by Mattias Noren, as you can see are really beautiful and fit perfectly with the Futurist spirit of the album. Actually I cannot find some big problems with this CD, that's real progressive music that all the fans of Ayreon or Evergrey will love for sure, plus if I add that we have some jewels like "The Path of Darkness" and "Sleeping Beauty" then I suppose that you understand that we are in front of a little masterpiece.

This album is a great album of Progressive music, I recommend it really because that's something really uncommon. The guys of this band are great and let's bet some beers that we will hear of them in a really near future. In any case I will forget this album and I think that you'll have to try Section X, and you'll see that you'll agree with me.

Written by Jeff | 14.04.2005


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There are so many ways to start this review, I could start to talk about past and present members, or maybe about the bands history, or why not about this album right on the way.
Decisions, decisions, all these delicious decisions.

Ahh, crap, I'll just start as usual by present the band for you, because I know that most of you never heard of them, even if there are at least one reason why you should have.

published 07.04.2005 | Comments (0)

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