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Band: Dew-Scented
Album: Impact
Release date: 2003

01. Acts Of Rage
02. New Found Pain
03. Destination Hell
04. Soul Poison
05. Cities Of The Dead
06. Down My Neck
07. One By One
08. Agony Designed
09. Slaughtervain
10. Flesh Reborn
11. 18 Hours

Limited edition bonus tracks:
12. Force-Fed (The Bleeding Scheme)
13. Hobbit Motherfuckers [Turbonegro cover]

Japanese edition bonus tracks:
14. Skybound [Re-recorded version]
15. Metal Militia [Metallica cover]

They're back!!! Holy shit, take cover, run for your life, a shredding force of unmatched brutality is headed your way! Run to the hills!!
And no, terrorists are not coming to your local embassy, is Dew-Scented! God knows I've been waiting for this one for a long time, their last release "Inwards" totally blew me over and I was waiting for more for a long time now.

At my first listen I was a little disappointed though, this time things are different, because the first thing that attracted me from Dew-Scented was the innovative riffing that reminded me of Megadeth, now with this "Impact", their fifth album so far, they pushed things up a notch, and they increased the level of brutality, and decreased the level of riffing the way I just wanted! Damn!

But worry not, because that doesn't mean that this is a bad album, because is not, as a matter of fact is a excellent record, personally I liked their prior effort a little more, but day by day this one is growing on me.

From the get-go you are in for a speed fest, filled with vocals full of hate and a magnificent double bass, rest assure because songs like "Soul Poison" and "Cities Of The Dead" are going to blow your brain away!

Dew-Scented (name inspired by Edgar Allan Poe), was a fundamental piece in the new era of Trash Metal that the Metal community witnessed a couple of years ago, so the influence of this band in the scene is undeniable, I'm sure that they will never disappoint us, maybe this time they didn't do as I would wanted, but, hey! If you could have everything in life, I would be playing in a world famous Metal band and someone else would be reviewing my excellent album…

So, fans of Trash Metal and Death Metal, be sure to get this one, and if you liked this , be sure to get their previous record too "Inwards", both great records from a great band, prepare to be impacted.

Written by Undercraft | 22.04.2005



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16.08.2009 - 10:21
Thrasher Hungary
It's tHrash metal, fool...!
And it's a genious masterpiece, 10/10.

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