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Band: Bruce Dickinson
Album: Tyranny Of Souls
Release date: May 2005

01. Mars Within (Intro)
02. Abduction
03. Soul Intruders
04. Kill Devil Hill
05. Navigate The Seas Of The Sun
06. River Of No Return
07. Power Of The Sun
08. Devil On A Hog
09. Believil
10. A Tyranny Of Souls

Everybody knows like me that a new Iron Maiden album or a new Bruce Dickinson release is always an event. After the Maiden's "Dance Of Death" this is now the turn of Mr Dickinson to release is new solo effort, "Tyranny Of Souls". I remember his last solo album, "The Chemical Wedding" that was a really good release and evidently seven years later, we all want to know if Bruce is still this great compositor. Don't worry mates actually he is always the same great musician and like a good bottle of wine, he is even better with some more year…

"Tyranny Of Souls" is good really, with a lot of variations in the compositions. You'll find some songs really heavy with a fast tempo like the great "Abduction" or some nice ballads like "Navigate The Seas Of The Suns", that's the spirit of the CD, we have all the ingredients that we want to find in a good release of Heavy Metal. However "Tyranny Of Souls" is definitely darker than the precedent album, a lot of riffs and especially the melodies are dark and even sad (like on "River Of No Return"). Actually it reminds me of the spirit of some Maiden's songs that Bruce wrote like "Wasting Love" for example. Still, this is always Heavy Metal and not some gothic stuff, but you certainly understand what I mean, the new release of Bruce Dickinson is no so "rock "n" roll" and "Happy"…

Now we will let the general ambiance to talk about the music itself. Well, this is a good old Heavy Metal, with some "classic" Heavy riffs and above all with some catchy choruses that are really easy of access and that the crowd will sing without any doubts during the live performances. Also the musicians are all really good (who is the mysterious keyboardist Maestro Mistheria???) and I don't have to talk about the magical performance of Bruce Dickinson who prove one more time that he is certainly the best singer in the Heavy Metal world.

"Tyranny Of Souls" is a killer album with a perfect production but like with the releases of Maiden, we don't have anything really innovative, that's always the same recipe with the same ingredients but at least the result is good, and after all I think that every fans of the singer only want that and nothing more right? Anyway, "Tyranny Of Souls" is one of the best release of Heavy Metal of the year and if you like Bruce, this album is a must really. You just know what you'll have to do now…

Written by Jeff | 24.05.2005


Staff review by
Pierre Tombale
It took Bruce Dickinson quite some time to revive on his solo career after rejoining Iron Maiden, so what kind of output would you expect from him? I guess to answer this we should look back on his last two studio albums in the 1990's 'Accident Of Birth' and 'Chemical Wedding', both were successful among fans and critics, both evoked the feeling of a Bruce's silent return to metal and thus to Iron Maiden and all people who thought or wished for that were rewarded. To now analyze 'Tyranny of Souls' simply compare the new songs with the afore mentioned albums.

published 27.08.2005 | Comments (1)


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16.01.2007 - 04:26
Account deleted
I agree with you ..This album is a killer one.
None of the song is boring..A perfet art for metal fans..
Bruce Dickinson Rules!!!...Just look his creativity..Awesome album..
There is no comment to express album...What an superior album!!
Really..Its one of the best album of mine.
16.01.2007 - 09:15
The Aryaputra
Yes, this album is great!
good review!
that which shines without names and forms...
28.03.2016 - 16:49
Bad English
Nice review, sad this is last his solo and basically hos career work , like I said before, IMO he needs be mussicanm again, not bussnesmen or pilot. You cant be all, even grow up if you wanna be musician
I think its biggest maiden and his downfall. You have pounds, million of ponds go to Lancaster or Merseyside, country side, clean your head half year and come whit fresh ideas about songs
Mussicans must play and well maiden is live band to see now only
Life is to short for LOVE, there is many great things to do online !!!

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