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Band: Absurdity
Album: D:Evolution
Release date: March 2011

01. A Taste Of...
02. Concrete Brain
03. Sneaking Data
04. Logical War Process
05. Fall Out
06. Scorn & Ignorance
07. Death. Kult. Paranoia
08. Novae
09. Rewind
10. The Ultimate Carnivore
11. [D]Evolution

So deathcore isn't really considered a "cool" genre, right? I mean, it's hip, but it's not cool. It's probably not considered cool based on how hip it is. A lot of people seem really put off by any movement that's a little too hip. Well guess what? Deathcore is here to stay, it's not just some passing trend. Someday, it will be looked back on as an integral part of metal's evolution once we're faced with blackened progressive cybergroovestonersludgehiphopdeathcore with djent influences in 15 years. So you can either grow old and jaded with completely outdated, irrelevant opinions on music, or you can hunt down some cool bands that otherwise defy your girlish aversion deathcore, wuss. D:Evolution might be a good place to start. Beware though, Absurdity do seem pretty hip.

Absurdity are actually pretty unique, there's a certain ultra-modern charm to them. They play up the melodies weaving in and out of the chugging rhythms to such a great degree, making it simultaneously dynamic and catchy. In fact, if there's one thing that Absurdity should be proud of, it is this dynamic interplay between both guitar roles. The music is meticulously constructed, the riffs build off each other to create a menacingly cold feeling behind the music.

So what makes this album stand out also seems to be its downfall in way. It's meticulous and cold, almost inhuman at times. Every aspect is very deliberate and calculated, which is a bit of a bring-down if you're into more primal, spontaneous music. Then again, structure seems to be a very pronounced focus of deathcore, generally speaking, so I can't deny that Absurdity execute their craft quite well.


Written on 11.06.2011 by Former EIC. Now just a reviewer guy.


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11.06.2011 - 03:57
Pyramid God
Sounds pretty good for deathcore but its not quite as interesting as the review makes it out to be. Its one of those bands I would never listen to on purpose but wouldn't skip if it came up on shuffle.
I wouldn't be averse to adding it to my collection however. I
11.06.2011 - 05:41
The Contortionist makes deathcore cool.
11.06.2011 - 06:36
Account deleted
Outdated opinions on music? So people have to change what music they like in order to keep with the times...? People can't actually just prefer older styles of music...? It's irritating how so many deathcore reviews on this site have a paragraph dedicated to bashing those who don't like it.
11.06.2011 - 07:12
Doc G.
Full Grown Hoser
Written by Guest on 11.06.2011 at 06:36

It's irritating how so many deathcore reviews on this site have a paragraph dedicated to bashing those who don't like it.

"I got a lot of really good ideas, problem is, most of them suck."
- George Carlin
11.06.2011 - 08:37
Account deleted
Written by Doc G. on 11.06.2011 at 07:12

Written by Guest on 11.06.2011 at 06:36

It's irritating how so many deathcore reviews on this site have a paragraph dedicated to bashing those who don't like it.


Ohhh, you were trolling?

As far as the album goes, it's decent, but as with all deathcore has to much chugging in it, which makes it much less enjoyable than it could be. Nothing worth buying, but enjoyable for what it is. It sounds really mechanical to me for some reason, but in an enjoyable way, if that makes any sense.
11.06.2011 - 11:59
Color me old and jaded. Although I am sure deathcore will (and already is by some people) be considered an integral part of metal's evolution, I still cannot bring myself to enjoy deathcore. This predicament includes this album unfortunately, and although I would recommend it to a deathcore aficionado, I don't think it is the genre-blending masterpiece that will turn jaded purist metalheads into deathcore fans.
11.06.2011 - 16:46
Merchant of Doom
What an original title...
11.06.2011 - 21:06
Retired Staff
Sounds more like slam death with only a few deathcore elements. Needs more br00tality and breakdowns. Pass.
Your favorite band sucks.
11.06.2011 - 23:07
Hmm, this is the first deathcore band that i could tolerate for more than 10 minutes. Probably beacause they limit the breakdowns and other stupid ideas.

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