Rhapsody Of Fire - From Chaos To Eternity
17 June 2011

01. Ad Infinitum
02. From Chaos To Eternity
03. Tempesta Di Fuoco
04. Ghosts Of Forgotten Worlds
05. Anima Perduta
06. Aeons Of Raging Darkness
07. I Belong To The Stars
08. Tornado
09. Heroes Of The Waterfalls' Kingdom
    1 - Lo Spirito Della Foresta
    2 - Realm Of Sacred Waterfalls
    3 - Thanor's Awakening
    4 - Northern Skies Enflamed
    5 - The Splendour Of Angels' Glory (A Final Revelation)
10. Flash Of The Blade [Iron Maiden cover] [Digipack bonus]

There comes a time as part of life as a fan when you have to resign yourself to the fact that the band will probably never top those earlier albums you have gloriously laid on display in your bedroom shrine, and learn to not expect too much when a new album arises and just be satisfied with it. From Chaos To Eternity comes after only a short wait after the band's last EP The Cold Embrace Of Fear and album The Frozen Tears Of Angels saw release. Since the band's new record contract, they have clearly been hard at work getting their backlog of ideas onto CD.

Rhapsody's latest CD From Chaos To Eternity is then a prime example of an album that will never be remembered as a masterpiece, but just another title in the ever-growing discography with a few nice songs on it. The opening duo of "From Chaos To Eternity" and "Tempesta Di Fuoco" are good examples of nice songs that fail to bring anything to the table that hasn't already been heard on every past Rhapsody album. "Aeons Of Raging Darkness" on the other hand is the most aggressive song the band have ever put to CD with some harsh vocals, and "Tornado" could even sit in the Power Of The Dragonflame album without sounding out of place, which can never be a bad thing.

Rhapsody are a victim of their own high standards; no one can deny that these Italians will always be a great band, one of the best, but with classics to look back on like Symphony Of Enchanted Lands and Dawn Of Victory, new albums that don't provide the listener with anything original like this one are destined to be sidelined in the long run. Maintaining the highest level of production, there are a couple of great parts on this album. The question is whether you like the band enough to sit through the majority of an album you might as well have already heard before, twenty-minute epic included to hear them.

A good album, but something from outside the box would be greatly appreciated next time .


Symphonic Power metal
Length: 57:22
Nuclear Blast

Performance: 8
Songwriting: 7
Originality: 7
Production: 10

Band profile: Rhapsody Of Fire
Album: From Chaos To Eternity


Written on 12.06.2011 by
Baz Anderson
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The Shape 1973 - 12.06.2011 at 17:57  
Stopped buying their albums after The Dark Secret EP. Its the same stuff over and over again. Pathfinder are the future for this style now.

I hope, as this is the last album of the story, that they will change direction with the next one.
PastR - 12.06.2011 at 22:17  
This is his best album, just getting better and better. I consider the best band Rhapsody, because it really makes their music with passion and complexity. Perfect compositions. A true masterpiece, like all his previous albums. Rhapsody will always be the best.
RafaRata - 12.06.2011 at 23:17  
Great album IMO even better than the last one!!
farfaramir - 12.06.2011 at 23:33  
I don't think this albums trys to be original, because it's closing an era on the Rhapsody Discography. In that case, it had all the elements that make the first album masterpieces, and it works very well in that way. As a matter of fact, if this album would had been a revolutionary thing in originality terms, I would be a little dissapointed.

In my opinion, it's an excelent album, even when it's not original in any point, it bring all the Rhapsody spirit on it: dragons, dragons, and more dragons.
LeChron James - 14.06.2011 at 03:44  
I still think that Rhapsody should do a concept album about the tragic war between the Commando Elite and Gorgonites in the only Dreamworks movie worth watching Small Soldiers . That shit would sell TRILLIONS.
Daggon - 14.06.2011 at 08:44  
This is the review I expected to see here in MS, I haven't listened to the album yet, but I'm sure that my overall impression will be a lot like this.
JÄY - 14.06.2011 at 11:53  
I find the album starts off very, very strong but loses steam toward the end. If it kept the pace, Id give it a 9 without blinking an eye
JÄY - 14.06.2011 at 11:54  
Written by LeChron James on 14.06.2011 at 03:44

I still think that Rhapsody should do a concept album about the tragic war between the Commando Elite and Gorgonites in the only Dreamworks movie worth watching [i] Small Soldiers [/b]. That shit would sell TRILLIONS.

this is funny on so many levels
DieH@rd - 17.06.2011 at 16:24  
Beginning and the end rocks. Middle is little meh.

Its still a great album, but nowhere near to Rhapsody's old work.
Luneth - 19.06.2011 at 00:31  
Gave it a quick couple of spins and enjoyed it more than I have any of their stuff prior, lost interest in Rhapsody some time ago..
Ausdoerrt - 17.07.2011 at 15:13  
The album does slow down a bit in the middle, but I liked it a lot more than the last one, especially because the compositions sound a lot more coherent, and solos actually fit into the songs unlike some of the "throwaway" solos on FToA.

I also think it's quite useless to ask for "something outside the box" from a band like Rhapsody. They have an established style, and have stuck to it for long enough that anyone familiar with the band wouldn't expect to be surprised in any way. Besides, FCtE is probably the most "outside the box" album for Rhapsody in at least 5 years.
farfaramir - 03.09.2011 at 16:44  
Now that they split, you understand the reason why It doesn't have to be the most original album of all times...
FrozenJoy - 05.01.2012 at 18:40  
Um, let's be honest, asking a band like them for something "out of the box" is kinda pointless, as they've been repeating the same formula through albums and albums... Anyway, I think this album is great, it has many killers (the title track, Tornado, Aeons of Raging Darkness...), and as always, musicianship and production is top notch, I don't think I should ask for anything else... Yeah, they've split, but most members remain in the band, let's see how it goes=P

It's just good Rhapsody, and nothing else...
Ellrohir - 23.08.2012 at 20:00  
I think, you were much too kind here, Baz...yes, it should score some points as a debut of a new group, but as a conclusion of nearly two decades of musicianship, it is just surprisingly weak and utterly boring...empty, uninspiring, pointless...the more i listen to it, the more i hate it...

and i say that as a heart fan of Rhapsody...but even "The Cold Embrace Of Fear" was superior to this in ability to attract attention and even "Triumph Or Agony" has more brighter moments than this...

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