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Band: H-George
Album: Slave Of Society
Release date: 2009

01. Run Or You're Dead
02. Xtc
03. Terrorism
04. Dirty Money
05. Euthanasia
06. (In)Sanity Homicide
07. Death Penalty
08. Earthquake
09. Globalization
10. Neurotic
11. Slave Of Society
12. Kill Your Son
13. Hate
14. Blood Of Death [2011 re-issue bonus]
15. Neurotic [2011 re-issue bonus]
16. Enemy [2011 re-issue bonus]
17. Cruelty [2011 re-issue bonus]

H-George, supposedly a guitarist of no small repute in Italy, has a band after his stage name. And they play thrash metal. Some pure, fresh thrash from the 80's, as if these Italian dudes passed the last twenty years in a time capsule, then recorded and released their album. But this can be said of any and all bands of this thrash revival of sorts, I guess!

So… There's an eighties vibe, right? Like the new thrash bands (think Evile, Bonded By Blood, and many others), H-George and his crew were breast-fed with Bay Area thrash. They are not too harsh, have a melodic feel, and some hardcore shouts. Sounds familiar? Yes it is! One could say there's a bit of Anthrax here, some Forbidden there, and countless others elsewhere, the result is thirteen short, varied and catchy songs (well, most of them at least). The riffs and solos are on the whole really good ("Euthanasia", and many others), and there some kick-ass bass lines. The vocals? Nothing exceptional really, but apart of one or two lapses ("Globalization"), they do the trick quite well and add a lot to that old-school vibe. And the whole stuff has a sound that's at the same time clear and powerful, and just a bit murky (kinda), once again to add to this time-capsuled feel. This is thanks to Jeff Waters - you know, the one from Annihilator

All in all, this is a nice album of classical thrash, but ultimately it's a bit bland. Released in the 80's, this album would have certainly been lost in the midst of all the good-but-nothing-more thrash releases of the time. Now, it somehow stands out with its fresh old feel (so to speak), so it sure might appeal to all old-school thrashers, who should enjoy spinning it a few time... But then they'll probably put in on the shelf where it'll join the myriad thrash albums they already own...


Written on 13.06.2011 by Once your regular Hellfest reporter, now retired. I (strangely enough) listen to a lot of metal. And enjoy good beers, comics, novels and role-playing games.


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15.06.2011 - 14:53
Edmund Fogg
Why re-release some poor quality thrash metal. I like the thrash revival, but as long as it brings something new to the table. This just feels like an uninspired collage of 80's thrash. I don't think they even deserve the visibility of a review imo.
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