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Band: Sentenced
Album: The Funeral Album
Release date: May 2005

01. May Today Become The Day
02. Ever-Frost
03. We Are But Falling Leaves
04. Her Last 5 Minutes
05. Where Waters Fall Frozen
06. Despair-Ridden Hearts
07. Vengeance Is Mine
08. A Long Way To Nowhere
09. Consider Us Dead
10. Lower The Flags
11. Drain Me
12. Karu
13. End Of The Road

Then the time has come, a time that I hoped never would come, Sentenced's last album, the end of a band that means so much for so many, including me.
Because with the release of "The Funeral Album", one of the largest, if not the largest, "Suicide Metal" band is committing mass-suicide right in front of our eyes.
After 12 long years, Sentenced has decided to put the band to rest.

For me this is really sad, since their latest release "The Cold White Light" is an album that means so much for me, no other album has touched me so deep, and I've spent countless hours in front of the stereo listening to "TCWL" and thinking over my life (it's working like a mentor for me).

But now, this review is not about my thought about life and death, it's about the last message from Sentenced, the album that says, "goodbye".
A very remarkable thing with "The Funeral Album" is that it's one of it's kind, I can't really say that I've ever heard of a band that made an album specially for putting the band to rest. But then, there are no other bands like Sentenced.

"The Funeral Album" is Sentenced's way to break up, instead of waiting for a down period, major troubles between the members or bad sales, Sentenced has chosen to put the band down now, when they still are in the top of their career, when they still are friends, and for that, they should have the biggest and greatest of all praises.

But even if I hate the fact that Sentenced will be no more, I also understand them and respect their decision. They had a wonderful career and they succeeded to release an album they'll never overcome ("TCWL"). So to take the brave decision to but the band to rest now should be meet with respect, how frustrating it might be.

It's really hard to bring forward good and bad things when it comes to Sentenced, since I have such strong feelings for the band, but I'll try to be as neutral as I can.
Among the bad things I can find on this album is that the material feels much weaker this time, there aren't really any songs that fills you with this feeling of committing suicide or filling your eyes with tears, at least not in the same way songs like "Guilt & Regret", Aika Multaa Muistot" & "No One There" did on "TCWL".
And the good, well that's even more impossible, since I finds everything good about Sentenced, and the sound on this album is as sorrow-filled as last time.

On the other hand, "The Funeral Album" follows the same "concept" as "TCWL" & "Crimson", it's Heavy Metal mixed with Gothic Metal and lyrics about death, despair and suicide. But this time the music also represent Sentenced throughout the whole career, as the short instrumental song "Where Waters Fall Frozen" a song that sounds much like the old Sentenced, back in the days they were a Death Metal act.
But it's mostly the later years of their career that fills the album, the era that has just been, and that will end with "The Funeral Album".

However you twist of turn it, "The Funeral Album" is Sentenced's swan song, it will end all kinds of eras, and I know many will miss the band.
I guess it doesn't matter what I say here since if you like/love the band, you'll buy the album anyway. I'll just say that you'll buy a great album that really sounds like Sentenced in all ways, but it's not a new "TCWL", and in some strange way, I'm happy it's not. This is a good album to end a successful career, but it's not their best.

Thank you Sentenced, for a long and wonderful career, I thank you for all your music and actually hope you'll come back one day, even if you said you never will.

Check Out: Do I have to? I love 'em all!

Written by Malcolm | 13.06.2005


Guest review by
I remember reading a quote from former Sentenced front-man, Ville Laihiala, a few years ago saying: "As a person I am Finnish to the teeth: Low self-esteem, dark sense of humour and a very small penis."

Now penises aside, that quote pretty much perfectly sums up the picture I have formulated of the band in my mind. I've always had this fascination with Sentenced, the paradox within their music and the incredible way in which a single listen through an album can completely fuck up a perfectly good cup of coffee, but at the same time have you singing along with a smile on your face. I was saddened when I learned of their disbanding in 2005, when I found myself living in a cold and icy Europe for the first time, missing the dreadful heat of Cape Town where your skin melts into your car's leather seats on a congested highway.

published 23.10.2009 | Comments (4)


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21.05.2006 - 20:33
Account deleted
This album is above almost everything.. I love Sentenced and will always do..

So I say as Malcolm.. Thank you Sentenced! For all!
30.05.2006 - 16:23
Valkoinen kuolem
Funerla i sgreat album to me mabye the best Sentenced album , and it was great to say goodbye and to thank all fans on suport alll years
Sentenced rocks
On pirun vaikea selvitä hengissä hautaan saakka
It is damn difficult to stay alive till the grave
Erno Paasilinna
30.05.2006 - 16:23
Valkoinen kuolem
Funerla i sgreat album to me mabye the best Sentenced album , and it was great to say goodbye and to thank all fans on suport alll years
Sentenced rocks
On pirun vaikea selvitä hengissä hautaan saakka
It is damn difficult to stay alive till the grave
Erno Paasilinna
30.05.2006 - 19:14
Great review!
I love Sentenced, they made something special, their music is just great and unique. The funeral album is great, I love the lyrics and the vocals are great.
Rest in peace Sentenced....
01.06.2006 - 22:25
Worthy last album from one of my favourite band... They're were great; and they'll stay that way! Hail Sentenced!
22.06.2006 - 16:06
Account deleted
The Funeral Album is a reallly great goodbye album from Sentenced.. Ville's voice is so beautiful, and the lyrics are great, of course. R.I.P. Sentenced, we will always remember you guys<3
22.06.2006 - 16:21
I found that album to be one ov the most disappointing albums ever! I was expecting another "Cold White Light".....but they made it too 'Metalised' when Sentenced are better at making a more 'Rock' sound.
22.06.2006 - 16:42
Marcel Hubregtse
Grumpy Old Fuck
Written by ThunderAxe1989 on 22.06.2006 at 16:21

I found that album to be one ov the most disappointing albums ever! I was expecting another "Cold White Light".....but they made it too 'Metalised' when Sentenced are better at making a more 'Rock' sound.

I totally agree with you that is was a very very very disappointing album. It is a shame that a great band such as Sentenced ended on such a lw note.
Member of the true crusade against European Flower Metal

Yesterday is dead and gone, tomorrow is out of sight
Dawn Crosby (r.i.p.)
05.04.1963 - 15.12.1996

09.07.2006 - 23:56
To be honest I don't like your review. I think The funeral album is so filled with emotion, just listen to the tracks "We're bu falling leaves" and "The End Of The Road" and then "Karu", ... They're filled with emotions, The children chorus make us remember the innocent days of childhood, so far away from the concerns of every day life, and life and death so far.
If you didn't like the album so much, then tell me why the hell you gave it an 9.0

...I like every Sentenced album in it's own way, expecially when Ville came, which his voice IMO fits much better into sentenced music.

I love their lyrics, their philosophy, their soul, I feel sometimes so close to them with my own mind...

I thing though that The Funeral Album It's a best way to say goodbye from their side.
I'm sorry that they "died", but at the same time I accept their decision of "mass suicide".

No matter what they have done is remarkable and in our stereos they shall live forever!
03.08.2006 - 22:13
Account deleted
This album is great. Awesome, and stuff. Can't see any better way to end a career. Thank you Sentened!
11.08.2006 - 02:52
What a way to end an almost flawless Suomi metal album, and my favorite from this band. Strangely enough the albums seems to gain strength the longer it goes on....the bottom half of the albums is where it really especially great! I love "Consider us dead", "Lower the flags" and "End of the Road" its wonderful..
25.10.2006 - 09:11
Opium Magnet
Account deleted
What can I say? everything has just about been said...

Sentenced made awesome ablums, this is one of my favourites... but then again, I like each of their albums (although not equally )
22.11.2006 - 19:10
Account deleted
Ah Sentenced.

Beloved band to many.

No One There-Fave song by far.

As for You Are The One....that song broke my heart back in the day.

At first I thought The Funeral Album was a half attempt by the band. I think I was just dissapointed they were breaking up. But as I heard it more I apreciated it a lot.I do miss them. But I'm glad theres similar bands (charon/poisonblack) that Ville sings in. All good vocalists always wanted just to play guitar...

Excellent band, Nothing else to say.
11.02.2008 - 23:15
I R Serious Cat
That0's what I call ending in the top. Releasing a great album to say good-bye was their best way to never be forgotten.
"Nobody wants to be the weird kid, you just end up being the weird kid. You don't know how you ended up getting there" - Rob Zombie My dA, mainly photography, go check it out!
05.10.2008 - 01:30
not a big fan of sentenced but this album is not so bad i would give it an 8
29.06.2009 - 12:37
Nice album to close their career. they've been a great band and surely they'll be remembered for many years...
Υou've sold your human essence to the cold world of dead and empty things... You're SOLD!
08.07.2009 - 21:05
Resurrected Wolf
The Best Album EVER!
I love these guys... and I really love this BRUTAL FUCKIN' ALBUM!
The funeral album that has 13 tracks...
11.05.2011 - 09:03
This is one of the bands that leaved a mark in me, it's a bittersweet goodbye because i love the band and i didn't want them to disband..but it's not my decision, and i have to respect them for hanging the towels while they were on the top. This band will always live in my mind and heart, altough it might sound ironic..their music helped me when having rough moments.

You'll live forever Sentenced!! Farewell..
Ereßµ§ ø ßløøð
28.11.2011 - 00:41
Sentenced Odiin
First of all thank you for your review, which i read contentedly as many people underrate this very last of album of Sentenced. no words to explain the band, the albums and each songs of the Finns, being part of my life they mean more than just music to me. Following/closing the quality of the depressive heavy metal (the only and the best suitable genre, what MS has invented in my opinion), this album is outstanding just like the others and that is the point. Saying farewell still on the top and making a well-planned "funeral" really earn the respect, what a band can earn. I see you guys all owe Sentenced one for helping/guiding in rough times and hard moments.. giving more respect? No, we owe them something, which can not be written or describen. And am i the only one, who feel something strange when listening this album, since I know this is their last?
Life has given me much, maybe taken more...

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