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Band: King Diamond
Album: Conspiracy
Release date: 1989

01. At The Graves
02. Sleepless Nights
03. Lies
04. A Visit From The Dead
05. The Wedding Dream
06. "Amon" Belongs To "Them"
07. Something Weird
08. Victimized
09. Let It Be Done
10. Cremation

Ooh hoo! I am as giddy as a little school-girl and my nipples are twice as perky. King Diamond kicks ass and is without a doubt Denmark's greatest export! So, here we have album number 3 in a trilogy of classics, released 1 year after each other, entitled: Conspiracy. Here, King is continuing the concept from his previous release, Them, thus concluding the eerie tale of Them, the House Amon and Grandma.

Conspiracy sounds a little different from the last two albums, in that it's a little less over-the-top and sounds more thrashy to these ears. I'm also able to hear the guitar more, here, which makes for a better-rounded-spin. Low guitars was my biggest complaint with Them and Abigail. But oh boy, King is in top form again with all of his ball-shriveling vocal glory. The slightly less over-the-top feeling comes from King doing less character vocals........ which is a good thing, for me. You won't hear the ghost monologues of them (the spirits that haunt Amon) as often and the experience is better for it. Not that there was anything wrong with the technique in the past two records, but it is a nice break.

I'm not going to go into the concept anymore than what was said already because I will not do the story justice, so google it if you're interested. But I will conclude by saying if you're a fan of the previous two releases, you'll love this, just the same. By 1989, this was a far-cry from an original album but King Diamond (the whole band, mind you) are great musicians and spinning this record will treat your ears to some superb writing and proper execution.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 9
Songwriting: 10
Originality: 8
Production: 9

Written by JÄY | 27.06.2011


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27.06.2011 - 15:20
Very nice review, Jay!
27.06.2011 - 20:06
Metal slave
Written by Jiri on 27.06.2011 at 15:20

Very nice review, Jay!

05.01.2012 - 02:57
One of Kings best works IMO.
15.02.2014 - 15:33
Nice review, among his best works I agree.

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